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Anti-atrophy Algae

Anti-atrophy Algae

One of the many reasons that exercise performance generally begins to decline from our late twenties is because 'age related muscle atrophy' (a decrease in muscle mass) kicks in. Whilst this process might be inevitable a new study published this month1 shows that there may be an unusual way to slow things down and keep our muscles in better condition for longer...eating algae.

Researchers looked at the effect of consuming chlorella, a single celled green algae which grows in fresh water, in a model of muscle atrophy. They found that, over a six month period, by consuming chlorella muscle atrophy was lessened, signs of muscle cell stress were reduced and mitochondria, the energy producers in muscles, function was improved.
The scientists didn't look at exactly how chlorella had these effects, but the algae contains numerous beneficial nutrients and powerful anti-oxidants that could exert positive benefits and help mop up harmful chemicals produced by exercise and other muscle stressors.

How to best benefit from chlorella

Don't worry you don't have to start wading through lakes with a fishing net. BodyMe are a leading natural supplements company and produce a range of high quality organic chlorella products.

Cultivated in fresh water ponds in a clean and fresh open-air environment, their chlorella is harvested after a long period of natural growth. After filtering and purifying, pressure is applied to break the cell walls of the algae and release its key nutrients, creating a highly nutritional concentrate, which is dried to produce the finest quality organic chlorella powder.

Available as a straight powder, which can be added to juice, water or smoothies, BodyMe chlorella is also available in tablet form (formed without binders by simply pressure pressing powder into tablets) or plant based capsules.

Prices start at just £5.99 for 50g and 20p from every bag bought goes to the Healthy Planet organisation to help preserve the world in which we live for future generations.

For further details or to buy visit www.bodyme.co.uk

Please note: Always consult your doctor before using supplements if pregnant or breast feeding

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