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Cycling - 28. November 2017.

Amy Cure and Nettie Edmondson renew with Wiggle High5 in 2018

Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling is delighted to confirm that Australians Amy Cure and Annette Edmondson will remain with the team in 2018. The two track specialists will once again split their seasons between racing on the road and track, with the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, a target for both. South Australian “Nettie” Edmondson has been a big part of the team since 2015, while Tasmanian Cure joined the team in 2017, when she became the first rider to win a World Championship Medal in all of the different endurance track events.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with Nettie and Amy,” said Team founder, owner and manager, Rochelle Gilmore. “They’re two of the most genuine and appreciative athletes I’ve ever had the opportunity to support.

“On behalf of Wiggle High5, we share the same goals and ambitions of our two Aussie track specialists – to win Gold in Tokyo,” Gilmore added. “In regards to Nettie and Amy, our main objective in 2018 is to support their track aspirations while continuing to develop their road careers.”

Already a two-time Track World Champion and multiple medallist, Amy took three more Medals in Hong Kong, in April this year. Her Silver in the Team Pursuit, and Bronze in the Omnium and Madison completed the set of a medal in each of the endurance track events.  She joined her teammates on the road shortly afterwards and, despite a mid-season layoff due to a knee injury, took second place in the Tour of Guangxi, China, in the final race of the year.

“I’ve really had a great year with the girls,” Cure said of her first year at Wiggle High5. “I’ve learnt a lot and had so much fun along the way. They are a great group of girls and friendships that will last many years to come.

“They have all supported me with my track goals while composting on the road and I couldn’t be the rider I am today without the help of the Wiggle High5 family,” she continued. “I’m really looking forward to 2018 season with the girls. It’s going to be a short year on the road with the track commitments as my focus is on the Commonwealth Games in April on our home soil.

“I’m looking forward to having a great year starting in the road in January with the Tour Down Under and Cadel’s Race, before moving on the track for the Commonwealth Games, and then back to the road full gas in hope to make the road team time trial team for the World Championships before I get married,” Cure added. “It’s going to be a full year for me and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with this great team for another year.”

Eschewing her usual track season Nettie rode a full Spring road campaign in 2017, supporting her teammates in all of the major Classics, and picked up a victory for herself in the Pajot Hills Classic, a race which climbed the iconic Muur van Geraardsbergen. This winter she will return to the velodrome, but still hopes to perform in a similar way on the road again later in the year.

“I’m very excited to sign with Wiggle High5 for a another year,” Edmondson said. “The team has been extremely supported of my track commitments and ambitions, and so I’m very lucky that they’re interested in having me back. I enjoyed focussing purely on the road in 2017 and I really learned a lot, and saw what I’m capable of when I put the time and effort in to just doing the road, which gives me a lot of excitement for the future.

“The Tour Down Under in January is a home race for me,” the Adelaidean explained. “That’s always a great race, and a great priority during the season, having the home crowd in Adelaide for the crit. So that’s a target, and I’m really hoping to have a crack at that, and go for one of those stages. There’s nothing like racing in front of a home crowd, but it’s even better to win in front of a home crowd!

“I’m going to go back to the track for 2018 to have a crack at the Commonwealth Games,” she continued. “It’s our home games so it’s a good opportunity for us to put out some good times in front of a home crowd, and really give back to Australia really.

“That’s the target of my 2018 season, and then I’ll go to the road from there. I assume I’ll start with [the Tour of Chongming Island] which I have done in the past, and then the rest… who knows? I’m excited to coming back swinging because I had a taste of it this year for the first time properly, and really enjoyed focussing and feeling fit on the road.”

“Next year will be extremely heavy and demanding for the Australians,” Gilmore explained. “Managing a number of peaks during the season over distances of 4km and, 140km – it’s a juggle but, a challenge they’ll thrive on and, are very capable of making a success.

“Wiggle High5 will be expecting strong performances from Nettie and Amy in the early season races Down Under and, then again at the end of the season at the Road World Championships.

“We’ve not yet seen the best of Nettie nor Amy on the road, due to their track focus, however, I have a feeling they’re motivated for some more road success in 2018 and will come into the season firing.

“I’m truly excited to see what 2018 holds for these two Aussies,” Gilmore concluded. “I believe they’ll deliver something really special.”


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