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Beauty is big business…you care for your hair, skin and nails to make you look and feel good – but a smile is the key to everyday beauty. DenTek, launching in the UK, is the secret behind a beautiful smile.

Not only is a smile the most universally recognised facial expression, it unanimously signifies a sign of happiness – some say it can be more attractive to smile than to wear make-up, so it’s important to look after your teeth.

Some of the world’s most beautiful women - Kate Middleton, Julia Roberts, Kylie Minogue & Jessica Alba are renowned for their smiles – and it takes less than 10 minutes a day to implement an oral hygiene routine – much
quicker than applying make-up and a faster route to a more confident smile!

Be proud of your smile. Go Beyond Brushing with DenTek to help remove food and plaque. Flossing every day is an investment in you and your overall health, particularly your heart health.

So go beyond brushing with DenTek. Stay beautiful and remember to wear a smile. One size fits all!
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