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Kiteboarding - 10. September 2019.

GKA Kite World Cup Mauritius: Day Four


The women's event re-started from the semi final stage.

Rising star and probably most improved female this season, Spaniard Claudia Leon, led much of the heat, but on trick six she opened the door for Brazilian championship chaser Kajiya with a poor Hinterberger 5. Bruna capitalised with a superb front roll to wrapped to take first, but Leon followed her through to the final in second.

Bruna Kajiya
Bruna Kajiya

In the second semi final Mikaili Sol overcame a scare after finding herself on zero points after four tricks! She switched on and made her remaining three tricks count very highly, eventually going through alongside an on-form Rita Arnaus.

Mikaili made it... eventually, and with only three tricks counting, not four!

Mikaili Sol / Claudia Leon / Bruna Kajiya / Rita Arnaus 

A different Mikaili came out for the final and she put on a flawless display of well timed hammer-blows to her opponents.

Bruna stayed with her for the first half of the heat before she crashed a crucial front blind mobe on trick four. Mikaili turned the screw with a neat and technical KGB, scoring 8.53. She went on to become uncatchable on trick six with a super cool slim 5, earning her a whopping 9.13 points.

Cheering outside the Heritage Resort
The action was intense!
Rita stoked with her best ever result: 2nd 

Rita Arnaus continued to impress and what a day she had – cool and consistent but, above all, very clean with her kite low. The pocket-sized Spaniard dropped a very fluid heart attack, scoring 8.37, which meant she regained second place and pushed Bruna into third, with Leon fourth.

So, that's the Freestyle wrapped up, and we'll be back on Tuesday when the focus switches to the Kite-Surf wave discipline.

Women's finalists
Women's finalists
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