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Health Awareness Month

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We set ourselves a collective target to make our diet more nutritious and perform a Yoga exercise called Suryanamaskaar or Sun Salutation. This yoga routine is dedicated to the salutations of the sun and is formed of various yoga postures. Further information on the Suryanamaskaar postures can be found on the website alongside a detailed explanation of the benefits.

Each individual had set themselves a target of performing this routine daily; it was a good opportunity for everyone to motivate each other in doing the Suryanamaskaar throughout the month with the eldest participant being an 82 year old grandma and the youngest participant a mere 3 year old!
Collectively across the UK 170,000 Suryanamaskaar were done. On 25th February 2012 “Yoga in the Park” in Hyde Park with 60 people present was a step towards more personal development and awareness.

With the sun blazing, amongst hundreds of wandering people, “Yoga in the Park” began together with 3 Suryanamaskaar and this was followed by various workshops in small groups to do some of the more challenging postures and Praanaayam (breathing exercise) with guided help.

Participants were fortunate enough to see a presentation of the King Yoga Postures called Shirshasana (Head Stand). This was the first time that such an event was organised, and what a great success! Overall it was a greatly enjoyable day and an inspiring event, which promoted the greatness of Yoga; something which we should strive to practice every day if we are to live healthy, happy and long lives!

Soon to come: Information and an online workshop on
Praanaayam Yoga and Meditation.


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