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HoMedics DUO QUARTZ IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

HoMedics DUO QUARTZ IPL Permanent Hair Reduction 
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My first initial reaction was fantasic when contacted by WSR to review the Duo Quartz. I was quite surprised at the price around £200 but for that price I have to presume that you are getting something very special.

Having used the duo over a period of time although to be fair with breaks I can answer the question , does it work?????? Yes!  This is wonderful news for women and Men.  Get Rid of all those razers, creams waxes and lets me trueful noone like waxing it's so painful.

Be patient as hair grows differently and not always at the same time for different people.  But it is very simple to use, the instructions are straight forward not complicated at all. Just be patient. 

well worth the money, as over a period of time you will save £££££
I love it, you can also buy other parts for it for different parts of the body

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