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Health and fitness

Corporate Fitness or office workout

Nowadays it is imperative for people to stay fit, because most office workers, managers, administrators do sedentary work instead of actually physical work. The excessive strain of mental work without the physical equilibrium can lead to illness, psychological issues and the modern day ailment of "Burn Out"

Tips For Making Your Workouts Easier

It's sometimes hard to keep to a continuous work out and really stick to it, even though it could become tedious and ardious at times. Check out our tips...

Easy way to lose weight

  Whenever people talk about easy ways to lose weight I often wonder if they really know what they are speaking about. Well, in today’s fast paced world one can see that everybody want

Staying active in winter? WSR explains how

Winter? Culinary delights, low activity level, how to keep of the excess pounts? Stay active! What does winter fitness do for you and how to be well-prepared is explained in this article written by Arseny Veber

The Brooks Autumn Range 2012

Earlier this week, Women’s Sport Report was invited to see Brooks’s new product range. report by Helen Keeling

A Woman's Metabolism

Metabolism refers to all of the energy-requiring chemical reactions occurring inside your body. At any one time, trillions of reactions are going on inside of you, including the growth of new tissue, muscle contraction, and the breakdown of food for energy.

Health Awareness Month

To increase personal awareness towards health issues and further personal development we have taken some of the extracts from Hindu Sevika Samiti UK - Health Awareness Month.

Tuning in for Happiness and Health

“Happiness is a positive mind, attitude of gratitude and the will to follow ones heart” - Victoria Mitchell

The myth of fat-free foods

Fats, also called lipids, are provided in the diet from such sources as animal protein, butter, oils, nuts, and many refined products. Fats are often thought of as bad, a myth perpetuated by the many fat-free products flooding store shelves.

Exercise/Birthing Ball

You may have seen one, or you may have one! Don’t mistake this as a Conventional Exercise Ball, this is more! Midwives and mothers all over the world praise this simple ball as an eff

How To Run the Barefoot Way / While Wearing Shoes!

How can you run in the barefoot way, but with shoes? Natural running techniques will give runners a healthier way of running...

SUPER FOOD VI - Chicken Breasts

Well, to interrupt our outdoor exercises a bit with some more interesting nutritional information we figured we would talk to you about chicken breasts....HOW CAN THEY HELP WITH OUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM???

Outdoor Exercises, Part II

Part II of our exercise program will show you how to exercise your legs and arms effectively...All you need is good will, motivation and energy!

Get outdoors now and exercise in the sun! Part I

Do you remember your parents telling you to go outside and get some fresh air and exercise? Well now is the time to pick up on that habit again...the exercises might not be "Hide and Seek" anymore, but just as fun and effective! Have a look at our suggestions...

EGGS at EASTER? That is for kids only...or not?

With the weather being so gorgeous, picnic time has arrived....taking the family out on their bikes, packing a blanket and some healthy snacks, especially with the Easter holidays just around the corner....doesn't that sound like a real treat? Well don't forget to pack some hard boiled eggs!

More Superfood!!! A healthy snack - ALMONDS

Do you still think that nuts are a snack to stay away from, because of their high fat content? Well let us show you something you might not have known!

Super Food III - How about a glass of milk a day?

Do you remember your Mum or Dad telling you to finish that glass of milk in front of you? Maybe you answered, but mum, I'm full! Or maybe you said...yuck, cow's milk is gross! Let's see what milk can actually do for us....deep down we probably know it all!

Super Food part II - What can a piece of parmesan a day do for you?

Parmesan...the common thought is that Parmesan should be used to eat with Pasta dishes, but do we know what positive health effects this popular Italian hard cheese actually brings with it? Let's find out

Maintain your weight with super food

Those who want to maintain their weight or loose weight need to eat...DON'T stop eating, eat differently...we will show you how: First up: Oranges & Grapefruit

Pumpkin And Apple Soup

When you eat soup, you feel full faster, which stops you from consuming other foods. More than that, eating soup improves your digestion and hydrates your body. You won't feel hungry at all after eating plenty of soup, that's for sure!

Low Calorie Leek and Potato Soup For A Quick Dinner

Eating soup in the evening instead of heavy meals will help you achieve just that. Diets will only make you loose weight for a short amount of time and when you start eating the way you ate before, the pounds will just double up. Try our tasty soup or salad recipes for your evening meals instead of fatty snacks.

Cellulite Reduction

How to work against Cellulite – a question probably 95% of females all over the world ask themselves…but how can it be done?

12 foods that are good for your skin

You are what you eat, they say, and to no part of your body is this truer than your skin. Eating the wrong foods can leave your skin looking rough and dehydrated, while following a balanced diet full of the right vitamins and minerals will give your skin a smooth, healthy glow.

Natural steps to a perky posterior

 Femme Slender together with Yoga & Pilates expert Dr Kyrin Hall have come up with some simple steps to help you achieve that perfect bikini bum just in time for the summer.Calisthenics (exer

Exercise to lose weight!

Exercise to lose weight!Weight loss seems to be a daunting task for some but truth be told, it only takes the proper determination and will in order to achieve your desired body. It takes a lot of dis

Fitness Experts reveal secrets to explosive upper body strength

Training principles are ideal for beginning and intermediate weightlifters. But according to fitness expert Joe Wuebben, experienced lifters require aggressive training to continue to see increa

Do not stress over your competition

Do Not Stress Over Your Competition By: Stan Popovich Many athletes sometimes get anxious when they play against a tough opponent. They get nervous on who they are playing and they get so worked

Alcohol and Substance will NOT improve your Game

 Your fears, anxieties, and other problems have the best of you and you don’t know where to turn for help. Your game is also starting to go south as a result of the stress and anxi

The legs, butt, hip and thigh workout!

 - contributed by Joey Atlas of VERY IMPORTANT – As with all exercise programs – check with your physician before starting this program, as not all


New 2014 Stock from Puma

Great new Summer Gear from Puma, Click inside to see some fab new products!!!!!

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Women Sport Report’s Helen Keeling-Marston spoke to Fiona Oakes, the world’s fastest global marathoner.

Hi Fiona. It’s safe to say that you take running to the next level! You currently hold the record for being the fastest woman to run a marathon on each continent and the North Pole in elapsed and aggregate time. Tell us more …
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