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Outdoor Exercises, Part II

Outdoor Exercises Part II:

As we have already started with our outdoor exercise program, we will of course continue showing you effective and free exercises for anyone to do, wherever you may be! Today will show us:


This exercises is so simple, yet about as hard as it gets if done right! Simply squat down until your thighs are at or below parallel to the ground, stay in that position and start walking. Go about 10 steps and then walk backwards to your starting point. Repeat as many times as necessary to reach total exhaustion. For those of you who are mere beginners, don't get frustrated at the burning sensation in your muscles, that only means, that they are working and you are doing it right! To start with just do as many as you can and then try a gradual increase as your muscles adapt to the new type of exercise.



Push ups have always been one of the most effective upper body exercises, but they have somehow gotten lost in the world of chest press machines and exercise benches. However, the push up is still an incredibly productive exercise and it requires no equipment whatsoever...

The 3 basic push up movements include standard grip, wide grip and close grip. Alternating those 3 types will ensure maximum stimulation to the chest, shoulders and triceps.

For the beginners amongst us: Elevate your hands or use push up aids to make the movement a little easier. If you still find that difficult you could start by standing on your knees and doing push ups in that position...once you have reached a certain level and have done it regularly for about 2 weeks at about 20 push ups per session, change over to standing on your toes. Start with 5 and ad one push up every day...you will see how your arm and also chest muscles will get strengthened....This will also help women to increase the fullness of their chest. So what are you waiting for???


GOOD LUCK and see you for part III of our outdoor exercises!

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