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Soccerloco Sponsors the 2016 San Diego Surf Cup

Soccerloco Sponsors the 2016 San Diego Surf Cup

The popular soccer superstore soccerloco has announced that it will be the title sponsor for the 2016 San Diego Surf Cup, which has been considered the “Best of the Best” youth soccer tournament for more than three decades. Every year the event attracts thousands of spectators, and last year nearly 500 of them were college scouts and coaches who attend to search for upcoming talent in the sport. The tournament hosts Boys and Girls league teams, with brackets ranging between the U-10 and U-19 age groups.

Tournament Information

The 35th annual San Diego Surf Cup will take place from July 31st to August 8th, with all games being played at the SoCal Sports Complex (Girls' tournament location) and San Diego Polo Club (Boys' tournament location) in Oceanside. The event will feature about 700 boys’ and girls’ teams from 28 states, as well as some teams from Canada, Guam, and Mexico. The Saturday and Sunday action begins at 7:30 AM while Monday’s starts at 8:30 AM. This year the soccerloco Surf Cup is expanding into two separate locations and has nearly twice as many entries as last year even after declining more than 200 team applications. Admission will be free for spectators, but there is a $10 parking fee

One of San Diego's Biggest Annual Events

According to stats from the Center for Hospitality and Tourism Research at San Diego State University, the soccerloco Surf Cup events attracts about 35,000 people to the region every year, more than 80% of whom are out-of-towners. Overall, researchers estimate that Surf Cup events bring in a total of about $14 million in economic activity for the region. In fact, no other event fills up more San Diego hotel rooms other than the world-famous Comic Con. Obviously, any event that can compete with the popularity of Comic Con is worth checking out if you're a soccer fan.

Age Groups, Attendance, and Other Stats

The tournament will involve youth teams ranging from 8 to 17 years of age, with the San Diego Polo fields and SoCal Sports Complex being transformed into a maze of more than 50 soccer fields. Altogether, more than 20,000 athletes and 2,000 coaches are expected to attend the tournament. In addition, a large number of college recruiters and industry figures will be present.

Finding the Next Generation of Stars

soccerloco leaders have expressed that they're glad to taking part in facilitating one of the nation's biggest youth soccer events for the betterment of the sport and its players. Analysts expect there to be about 450 college coaches and talent scouts present at the event this year. They'll be watching closely to look for signs of budding young stars that could improve their organization's chances of winning in the coming seasons. In terms of scouting young soccer talent, there are few tournaments in the world that can compete with the soccerloco Surf Cup tournament. Surf Cup Sports has donated more than $4 million to nonprofit community organizations in the San Diego area since 1994.

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