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The Limitless Bra

The Limitless Bra

Limitless Sports Bra

The New Limitless Bra is a great creation for any female that wishes to change her current sports bra
I use my everyday in the Gym, I have thrown away my old one to upgrade to the Limitless.
The T-Bar Adjuster is fantasic. So when you buy the bra make sure you fix it to your body comfort and enjoy working out!!!! You can buy the bra for £30 

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The Limitless Bra is designed to grow and flex with you. It has a patented three-way adjuster; a lock-zip fastener; and comes with four comfort cups. It can be used as everyday wear under normal clothing, and tightened for sport and activity.

  • grey marl outer

  • Skin-smooth lime-green inner

  • Black, elasticated T-bar with three lime-green adjusters (so you can see what’s going on)


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