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The Women Who Turned the Tables in the Poker World

The Women Who Turned the Tables in the Poker World

Just like we’ve seen in many other sports and games, women have faced adversity to claim the right to be taken seriously as players. Poker tournaments have traditionally been an all-male environment but, in the last few decades, some great female poker players have been making waves. Whilst women are still largely outnumbered at poker tournaments, and the emergence of the following players has paved the way for more female poker players to take to the tables:

Vanessa Selbst


Vanessa Selbst is the only female to date that has been ranked number one on the Global Poker Index. Having won more than $11 million at the poker tables, she also has a high flying career in the Investments industry. Her illustrious poker career has earned her three World Series of Poker bracelets and she enjoyed much of her success before even turning 30. She claimed to be retiring from professional poker in 2018 but recently played in the WPT Borgata Poker Open at Atlantic City, ranking 14th.

Kathy Liebert

Known in the poker world as PokerKat, Kathy Liebert is reported to have earned over $6 million in total winnings. She was the first woman to win $1 million when she brought that sum home in a 2002 tournament. Kathy Liebert is another player who worked in Finance, with her previous role being a business analyst on Wall St. She has been playing in major tournaments since 2005 and continues to make a good living out of the game.

Annie Duke

Annie Duke, sister of fellow poker player Howard Lederer, is so acclaimed in the industry that she even has a regal title – the Duchess of Poker. She first arrived on the big stage in 1994 and was the leading female money winner before Vanessa Selbst came along and stole her crown. As well as being undeniably successful at playing poker, she is also a successful author who has written numerous poker publications and an acclaimed public speaker. She has earned over $4 million over her career but hasn’t played in a major tournament since 2010.

There are definitely more opportunities for women to play poker nowadays, and the industry has even improved in this aspect since Duke's last win. Whether your avenue is practicing in the comfort of your own home using online casinos like Skycity Casino online, or visiting live casinos to play the exhilarating game, the last decade has introduced more innovative and exciting ways for women to get involved. 

Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman is another famous female name in poker and, although her total winnings are not as high as the likes of Selbst, she has been playing in major tournaments for 25 years, earning a lot of respect along the way. In 2015, she even was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Barbara Enright

The first female to make the Poker Hall of Fame was Barbara 'Love to bluff' Enright in 2007. First getting to the final table in the World Series of Poker in 1995, she is now a role model for female poker players around the world and an editor of the Women Poker player Magazine and is an ambassador for the largest women's poker organisation, Poker League of nations. These amazing women all had a huge part to play in changing old-fashioned perceptions and making it easier for women to start playing poker.

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