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Other Sports - 03. December 2017.

USA's Mattie Rogers Sweeps Bronze at World Championships

Team USA’s Mattie Rogers sweeps BRONZE at the IWF Weightlifting World Championships Mattie Rogers ended a 12-year Team USA women’s world championship medal drought Sunday as she took all three bronze medals in the women's 69kg weight category.

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Mattie made her first and second snatch attempts of 101kg (222.66 lbs) and 104kg (229.28 lbs).

“That one felt really good,” Mattie said of her second attempt. “I felt like I could do a lot more, but couldn’t.”

On her third attempt, Mattie tried to beat her own American Record Snatch of 106kg (233.69 lbs) with 107kg (235.89 lbs), but missed. Her second attempt of 104kg held up for a bronze medal, behind Romela Begaj of Albania (107kg) and Miyareth Mendoza Carabali of Columbia (106kg [233.69 lbs]).

Roger’s personal coach, Danny Camargo says they’d been hoping to make history at this World Championship. "We’re super excited about that, and very, very glad, but as a coach you know you self-reflect and I think I could’ve done something different for her," said Roger’s personal coach, Danny Camargo.

"I explained that to her and our relationship is just so great she turned to me and said, 'I got three medals, I don’t care, I’m very happy about it.'" Mattie told USA Weightlifting she’s grateful for her relationship with her coach. "I get a little bit sassy, and he’ll tell you that but, we did this together and it’s just as much my medal as it is his," Rogers said.

On her first clean and jerk attempt, Mattie hit 131kg (288.80 lbs), which would hold up for a bronze medal in the Clean and Jerk as well. Her second and third attempts of 135kg (297.62 lbs) would have beat her own American Record in the Clean and Jerk of 135kg, but they were missed.

“Mattie Rogers is a warrior and one of our leaders, we’re very proud of her,” said Team USA’s National Coach, Mike Gattone. “We were in a tough battle, we locked in with that opening clean and jerk and then took a big jump to push the Columbian and see what we could do to move up the ladder there.

I think she just ran out of gas on that last clean and jerk.” The gold in the Clean and Jerk went to Egypt’s Sara Ahmed with 136kg (299.82 lbs), the silver to Columbia’s Leidy Yessenia with 135kg (297.62 lbs). Rogers' total of 235kg (518.08 lbs) secured a bronze medal behind gold medalist from Columbia, Leidy Yessenia (239kg [526.90 lbs] total) and Romela Begaj of Romania, also with a 235 (518.08 lbs) kg total.

“I’m really excited to bring home medals, but a little disappointed because looking at the total that won, that was my entry total,” Rogers said. “I think every athlete thinks I could’ve done better, so I’m happy but not necessarily content.” The last woman to medal at a World Championship, Cheryl Hayworth, was in the audience for Mattie’s session. “It’s an absolute thrill for me to be present for Mattie’s incredible performance,”

Hayworth told USAW. “USA Weightlifting should be enormously proud, as I am, for being represented at this world championships by such a strong, tough and determined bunch of athletes.” Hayworth won bronze medals for Team USA in 2005 in the Clean and Jerk and Total in the +75 weight category. Mattie says she is looking forward to competing against Leidy Yessenia again next year at the Pan American Championships, hopes to make a run at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan

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