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Funderm Launch Their Innovative ‘In & Out’ Probiotic and Prebiotic Skincare Solutions

Funderm Launch Their Innovative ‘In & Out’ Probiotic and Prebiotic Skincare Solutions

Lit. Legit. Disruptive. Unisex.


  • Funderm products contain an exclusive & innovative active complex made from Prebiotics & Probiotics which target problematic and pimple-prone skin
  • Funderm offer a PIONEERING “In & Out” solution for beautiful skin
  • The brand had over 4,000 UK consumers asking for the product to become available in Britain
  • Hero product ‘LAVI DAVI’ gummies sold out in under 3 days in the UK
  • The yummy gummy multivitamin food supplement delivers beautiful skin thanks to collagen, phosphatidylserine & Prebiotic & Probiotic complex
  • The range has been formulated to effectively target both male and female skin
    All products are cruelty free and dermatologically tested


If you’re looking for beautiful, purified and balanced skin look no further because disruptive skincare brand Funderm has hit UK shores. With their unique ‘In & Out’ Prebiotic & Probiotic formula, Funderm provide the sickest solutions for your skincare needs, no matter your skin type. Whether you’ve got bomb skin that needs a little love or get regular visits from the blemish bi#%h, Funderm have created a powerful complex made to deliver quick, efficient and impressive results. The Funderm collection is available now at www.funderm.com, priced from £27 - £38. Funderm know that you are busy and that’s why they think treatment should be quick, easy and effective. They take care of the DERM so that you can concentrate on the FUN.



What it is: For beautiful skin, suck on your gummy!

LAVI DAVI is a yummy, lip-smacking grape flavored multivitamin food supplement that contains natural active ingredients such as collagen, phosphatidylserine and the $h%*-hot Prebiotic & Probiotic complex. LAVI DAVI is also gluten free and contains 0% fat. Each bottle contains enough gummies for 1 month – two per day.

What it does: Prebiotics & Probiotics work together to rejuvenate your skins’ natural bacterial compounds enabling beautiful skin. Backed by essential minerals, active ingredients and vitamins such as zinc, vitamin E, B6, phosphatidylserine and collagen, LAVI DAVI helps prevent future breakouts keeping your skin beautiful and fresh. You will taste and see the difference!



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What it is: It’s time to stop taking it on the chin! WAS BAD is the ultimate on-the-go invisible anti-pimple treatment gel, with visible results, for problematic breakouts and blemishes that can be such a b#@$*. Thanks to Funderm’s innovative formula with clinically proven, active ingredients and the Prebiotic & Probiotic complex, your skin will look pimple-free and purified.

What it does: This delicate oil-free gel combines clinically proven active ingredients such as Prebiotics & Probiotics and wondrous dead sea minerals to unclog pores, exfoliate dead skin cells and control sebum. Day-by-day, WAS BAD’s cutting-edge formula works around the clock to clear pimples and blemishes, soothe irritated skin and restore its delicate microflora back to full health. It’s invisible with visible results!

Our skin is home to trillion of bacteria (gross!), both good and bad, which form a layer over your skin called ‘Microflora’ and ‘Microbiota’. Think of them as your skin’s soldiers - they work together to guard your skin from unwanted imperfections and inflammation (winning!). To enhance this process, Funderm have mixed the two-best skin-loving ingredients – Probiotics & Prebiotics, combining to formulate a unique active ‘In & Out’ solution that’s unlike anything else on the market. Individually they work great, but together with powerful active ingredients, they form a cutting-edge formula that clears pimples and blemishes, soothes irritated skin and restores the delicate ‘Microflora’ to ensure your skin is glowing, gorgeous and glorious. Goodbye bad skin days!


Funderm have spent a f&!%ing ton of $$$ using high quality ingredients to make the most legit product out there. They also hired the best dermatologists in the business to test their products, and they make sure that their products have the products GMP stamp of approval. Most importantly, they offer 100% money back guarantee – they believe in their $h*t. Go on, dare to derm!


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