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Vieve The New Protein Drink

Vieve Protein Water

Are you borred with your protein drink if so check out the new product from Vieve. 
A Protein Water drink with 20 grams of protein inside, delicious and easy to drink on the go


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With three truly lovely flavours Strawberry and Rhrubarb, Coconut and Honey and Citrus Apple and mint the new Vieve Protein Water has been a big hit with the crew.
Every flavour tasted went down a treat, served cold from the fridge was the best way.
With 20 grams of protein per drink a great addition to your everyday regime.

The First Sports Nutrition product to acheive Sugarwise Certification

No more powders or messy milk drinks

Life gets samey if you let it. Why would we make a protein drink as thick and milky and powdery as the rest? No point in that. When a chance to do something different it presents itself, you’ve got to reach out and grab it. With both hands. We got that chance. We took it. Now see if you l ike what we did with it.

The world’s moved on from the days when drinks were packed with E-numbers and other bad stuff. Can’t get away with that schizzle now. Every last ingredient of what we eat and drink matters. And that really mattered to us when we were creating Vieve. Took us 2 years to develop 4 flavours. Slowcoaches? Maybe. But we think all that time and care really got us somewhere delicious.

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