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Womensportreport.com is a magazine set up to raise the level of awareness and visibility of women in sport to the general public, potential sponsors, advertisers, media and other female and male athletes. We aim to increase the marketability of female athletes to sponsors, advertisers and manufacturers of sporting products. The website is an accurate and totally up-to-date source of information on all of women’s athletics. Womensportreport.com provides a free online portal for all female athletes to meet and create an online community.

The producers of www.womensportreport.com launched their site over five years ago and focus on women in sport and female athletes. www.womensportreport.com is the biggest global women’s sports magazine currently in existence. The company was set up by the team at Pilgrim Design in Honiton, Devon. The idea was initially developed in 2001 and was meant to be a printed netball magazine. But as the prototypes were drawn up WSR saw the need for general promotion in women’s sport generally and not just netball. Producing an online magazine allowed www.womensportreport.com to reach a global market and offer the latest information daily with no printing costs or damage to the environment by using paper products unnecessarily.

The idea was developed for the simple fact that there is not enough reporting and news about female athletes. Large companies know if they invest in sports men, their investment is going to be returned in revenue and the increased purchasing of the products they’re advertising.

But let’s turn the coin over. How many programs and media articles are dedicated to women? How eager are the big companies to sponsor women in sport? Can they see the same amount of payback? As the recession has now hit not just the UK, but most other countries world wide…maybe big companies and sponsors might see the benefit of investing into women and sport… a huge untapped market of young women and men with disposable income. Angelina Jolie can pull an audience as well as Brad Pitt. And Kelly Holmes can pull spenders as well as David Beckham.

Here at www.womensportreport.com we have set out to raise awareness. We recognize the need for the promotion of sports women to keep them going. Therefore we’ve offered our site to female athletes and women interested in sports, men interested in helping sports women to achieve the same respect as men and the opportunity to promote themselves further. The site has grown so much over the last five years that even well promoted players at the top of their game are taking notice and are eager to be featured on www.womensportreport.com .

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