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"Womensportreport.com has moved away from the traditional publishing market through online only publishing - hence using a medium that is not damaging to the environment and reaches a global audience and huge untapped market!"


"WSR is a fantastic electronic magazine dedicated to the promotion of women in sport across the globe in every sporting discipline. We need more magazines like this, much better than traditional print publishing, because results and information are immediate, not six months later!" – Regina Jaquess, World Champion, International Water Ski Association
"WSR is a useful and informative online sports magazine for people seeking information about the performances of women in different sports worldwide. It is unique and fantastic in the sense that it collates information about women competing in many different sports in one site…it also includes interesting background information about leading sportswomen" – Emily Lewis, Communication Manager, European Athletics Association, Lausanne


What is Womensportreport.com?

An online portal and community dedicated to raising the level of awareness and promotion of women in sport to the general public, through featuring outstanding achievements, working with all important sporting associations, giving up to the minute results and event reporting. Womensportreport.com houses the leading online athlete space for young, enthusiastic athletes and trendsetters in the sporting industry.


Who is womensportreport.com’s audience?

350 - 500,000 monthly unique visitors who are primarily female Athletes/Mothers/Girls/their families 21-65 year-olds best described as motivated, interested, hard working individuals, who are influential connectors and networkers and strong opinion leaders within the sports industry. People who depend on the right equipment, nutrition, footwear, clothing and beauty products to be the best at what they’re doing

20% Male, 80% Female

34% have a graduate degree

Median income: £30,000


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