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Bio Synergy Active Women and Nootropic products

 recently launched an Active Woman selection box

Activate 450g  |  Refine 60 Capsules**  |  Define 60 Capsules**  |


 £73.96 Now £55
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 If you are training hard you need the very best supplements to support
 your goals.

 The Active Woman range contains is not only made from natural ingredients
 that really deliver, but also contains specific nutrients such as vitamin
 D, iron, calcium and folic acid which are essential for all women.

 This bundle includes everything you need to get in shape and smash your
 fitness goals, Activate is a delicious protein shake that is low in carbs
 and calories, and will help you burn fat and increase lean muscle. Define,
 is a scientifically proven supplement that helps curb craving and the
 Active Woman vitamin will keep you feeling great, thanks to its high
 strength formula that also contains botanicals, essential amino acids and
 nutrients such as calcium and folic acid.

 Each bundle also includes the super versatile Active Woman shaker, which
 is a great way to organise your supplements and stay hydrated too

Bio-Synergy Limitless Nootropic

Feel like you’re firing on all cylinders

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Image result for Bio-Synergy Limitless Nootropic

Improve Cognitive Ability | Enhance Alertness | Boost Learning | Better Concentration

Scientifically formulated with evidence-backed, multi-tasking nootropics, new Limitless Nootropic Capsules from Bio-Synergy promote a peak-performing, healthy state of mind. Our formula is designed to help improve your memory, focus, learning, concentration and multi-tasking ability.

It’s an ideal supplement for anyone that wants to get ahead at work, university or on the sports field – without any harmful side effects.

Active ingredients, including Theanine, Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa Monnieri Herb, Betaine, Caffeine and vitamins, combine to create a potent nootropic formula that promotes the generation of new neurons, enhanced blood flow to the brain, improved alertness and alpha brainwaves for ‘relaxed attention’.


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