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Bio-Synergy Whey Hey

Deliciously smooth whey shake  |  21.4g protein  |  4.8g BCAAs  |  1.7g fat  |  100% natural and gluten free  |  Coconut, Brazilian Coffee, Watermelon & Peanut

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I have tried many protein powders over the years, many make me run to the bathroom several times a day but the Bio Synergy powder was excellent. I never experienced a bad stomach once which was such a relief.
It helped that the taste was lovely ( peanut Butter) I really enjoyed my shake in the morning and after my gym workout everyday
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If you’re pushing yourself hard in your sport, Whey Hey® is the protein punch your muscles need to recover and grow. With 21.4g protein per serving and 4.8g BCAAs, it’s an exceptionally good quality source of whey protein.

What’s more, Whey Hey® is probably the UK’s first 100% natural whey powder made from all natural flavourings, colourings, sweeteners and ingredients.

It’s also absolutely delicious and available in decadent Coconut and Brazilian Coffee, refreshing Watermelon as well as Peanut – great after you’ve worked up a sweat. Best of all, Whey Hey® gives you incredible value for money. In other words, it’s the perfect all-rounder.

So, whatever your sport, whatever your goals, Whey Hey® is the delicious, value-for-money answer to your protein needs. Many top magazines agree, with Men’s Health and Your Fitness giving Whey Hey® excellent reviews.

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