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Kiteboarding - 05. May 2007.

Bruna Kajiya wins first tour of 2007

PKRA Round 1 Venezuela

The first event of the year.

This is where everyone gets to see the level of riding and who is pulling the sickest tricks, and who is going to be on top this year.

A big change has happened on the women’s circuit this year. Last years world champion Kristin Boese decided that she is no longer going to compete on the PKRA world tour and has taken her talents over to the KPWT.

This leaves things wide open for the top spots.
But there are quite a few girls that have been putting in those extra hours out on the water and pushing themselves that little bit further and harder to achieve tricks more powered and technically more difficult.

This first stop on the tour has raised the bar right up for the level that has to be achieved to gain a podium place.

El Yaque didn’t quite produce the amount of wind that is normal for this time of year and so competitors were subjected to swimming, sunbathing and chilling out for the first few days while they waited for the wind to pick up.

It was not long however, for Margarita Island to produce some wind for the event to begin. The girls took to the water, on their 10m and 8m kites. Judges were out in the water on a platform, making for a great view and solid judging.

It has to be said that the girls are now getting so good that the semis and final heats should not be missed. These girls are going all out and pulling handle pass after handle pass. The final between young Spaniard Gisela Pulido and Brazilian, South American champion Bruna Kajiya, was a match and a half. Gisela was going for her 3-1-3’s ( a powered railey with a flat 360 rotation and a bar pass) and back mobes, while Bruna was matching them with her solid Blind Judge (powered railey to blind with an aerial handle pass) and finishing it off with a kiteloop handle pass. This is the first time a woman has pulled off this trick in competition and one that very few female riders are doing right now. A sure fire heat winner!

Overall Women’s Freestyle Results

1 Bruna Kajiya Brazil/ Best

2 Gisela Pulido Spain/ Slingshot

3 Karolina Winkowska Poland/ Naish

for more results and info on the events go to- www.kiteworldtour.com

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