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Ecco Biom Train


The ECCO Biom training shoe is a multifunctional natural motion shoe for all your active and fitness related activities, from running to gym. Since the goal of fitness is to improve the body, we believe it makes sense to do so in a natural motion shoe, which encourages the feet and lower legs to strengthen with every work out.
Do your whole body a favor, (starting with your feet)

Polyurethane is a material that adapts quickly to a variety of situations. In the case of the Ecco Biom Train, is absorbs shock without adding weight to the shoe. It is flexible enough to move with the foot but hard and durable enough to provide stability.

Ecco’s direct inject technology creates a strong sole that provides premium cushioning, comfort, and stability. The seal is water tight but flexible. You wouldn’t know that it was built without the use of stitching. The direct inject enhances durability so your shoe lasts for a long time.

Feet are kept cool and dry through the use of a 2 piece air mesh upper. The upper provides maximum ventilation while promoting flexibility. The rubber outsole allows for superior traction and support which means you can move comfortably over any terrain and just about any type of weather conditions.

Overview of the Ecco Biom Train
The Ecco Biom Train is a well made shoe designed for more naturalistic movement of the foot. It delivers just enough protection and support from the heel to the ball of the foot to keep you running comfortably.

For a minimalistic shoe, the Ecco Biom Train certainly contains a lot of technology. However, if you are transitioning from the standard running shoe to a true minimalistic shoe then this shoe is definitely worth giving a try. Most of the feedback regarding the Ecco Biom Train has been positive and reviewers enjoy the lightweight feel of the shoe on their feet.

The Ecco Biom Train is available in textile and leather options. It is situated at the high end as far as cost is concerned. The style is simple but does offer a splash of color for something truly fun.

Anatomical last shape based on 2500 foot scans

Biomechanical multi-functional sole unit

Cool, simplistic look

Excellent grip and abrasion resistance

Light weight and comfortable

Natural foot support for all kinds of fitness sports

Non-marking rubber outsole inserts

One-component light weight PU sole

Perfect fit and full-length foot support

Uppers of soft full grain

A natural motion shoe for cross training, muscle training and exercise

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