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FitBit Alta Fitness Band

First Impressions upon arrival was how attractive the product is The Alta is Fitbit’s best-looking fitness band yet.

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I already own a Fitbit Charge and this one doesn't really do anymore I would really only purchase for the look. It's very stylish and trendy and would look good on your wrist whatever time of day or night.

It offers decent battery life, can clearly detect when you’re out for a run or just walking to the shops, and links with a basic mobile app.

Connecting the two parts of the strap together is a 1.4-inch, 128 x 36 pixel OLED display. While it isn’t the first Fitbit fitness band to sport a screen, it’s certainly nicer and easier to read than the Fitbit Charge

The removable customised bands are a great addition to the Fitbit Alta it means you can jazz them up or down for any occasion.

You can buy the Fitbit Alta for around £100 and it comes with a rubber fitness band a nice piece all different colours and sizes.

It'd definitely the most comfortable band I have ever worn and I will be most definitely trading it in for the Fitbit Charge, I love my friends being jealous of my new band they might even go and purchase one themselves.

Like any good fitness tracker, the Alta will keep an eye on your steps, distance, time you’re out and about, and how many calories you’ve burned off. However, it does have a couple of new features

SmartTrack tech automatically kicks into gear when it senses a sudden change in your movement which is amazing considering I always forget to change the modes that is super smart.

The Automatic Sleep Tracking is a fab asset of the band it's encourages you to get off your butt and get moving and I know also from friends that have similar bands it really does work, they feel so guilty if they don't get up.

Overall we loved the band, just a couple of down sides there is no heart monitor or GPS so no good for those serious runners wishing to track their runs
Also it's not waterproof.

But overall we loved it and will most definitely continue using it

Simply put, it does the job. Fitbit knows how to build a fitness band, and it’s once again achieved that here.

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