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Kymira-Performance and recovery sportswear

Kymira Performance and recovery sportswear.

To many a new brand but they have been around for a couple of years.
I have to admit Kymira claims their clothing will help you to recover quicker and better due to their infared emissions, KYnergy technology claims they use the textile Celliant to recycle the body's waste energy back for the benefit of the wearer, to enhance performance and accelerate recovery processes. I must admit I was very curious to find out more.

Considering all the items I have bought over the years and the wasted money I feel I have spent. £80 for a pair of the leggins I consider a bargain.

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Women's Core 2.0 Leggings

I love the Bold Kymira Print across the waist and on the leg, the amount of positive comments I have received has been amazing and lets be honest we all like a bit of fashion while exercising.

I suffer with really bad shin splints, so when WSR asked me to try out the Kymira leggins I was really excited.

To be honest I have tried so many things over the years and never been impressed so I was willing to give it a try.

So the first time I went out running in them it was for a 10k. First impressions they felt amazing, very comfortable and clung well in all the right places. I have been actively using the leggins now for 3 weeks and can honestly say I won't be giving them away, I love them. The shin splints took about a week to calm down and haven't felt this great in a long time. The properties of the Infared have really seemed to enchance my overall performance. I really noticed this when I tried to exercise without them for a week to see if it was real. The difference was immediate and after three days they came right back on.  My recovery usually consists of ice after running on top of that cream treatments and massage before and after running. I still massage just for warm up and warm down but no longer need the ice or creams.  I have already purchased the Infared compression socks. 

Infrared Compression Socks

If in doubt please try them out, they really do make a massive difference if you suffer in your performance recovery, they did for me!!!!!!

Louise (Cambridge)

Established in 2013 in the renowned Science and Technology labs at the University of Reading, Our combined team of Scientists and Sport’s enthusiasts have developed a range of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear that incorporates our unique, patented KYnergy infrared technology.

Our KYnergy technology uses the textile Celliant to recycle the body's waste energy back for the benefit of the wearer, to enhance performance and accelerate recovery processes. We designed and engineered our specialist sportswear to work harder for you, so you can perform at your MAXIMUM potential.

To find out more about us and why we are an exciting evolution in sport technology, you can watch our short video below and see also the tab titled ‘the science’ at the top of the page for more information.

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