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Lotil products-Foot Cream, Lip Balm and Original Cream

Excellent products by Lotil, it does exactly what it says!!!

I loved the lip balm, it smells slighty like coconut oil, it goes on clear, just a lovely product. Makes your lips really nice and soft.

The foot cream has a really nice texture when your rubbing it in. It definetely does the job in rejuvinating tired feet. The skin is left with a silky soft feel.

Highly recommeded products

Lotil Foot Cream - 144ml / 4 oz Jar - Moisturizing Treatment for Dry Skin Relief

Lotil Foot Cream

Lotil Moisturizing Foot Cream will really give your feet an invigorating treat.

This rich moisturizing cream will nourish and help seal in moisture and soften skin.

Specially formulated with Aloe Vera extract to moisturize, soothe and condition.

Suitable for all dry foot conditions, easily absorbed and restores the skins softness.

Fragrance free.

Size: 114ml / 4 oz jar. Made in England.

Lotil Cream 1.7 oz tube, Made by Fenton Pharmaceuticals, England

Lotil Cream

Imported from England, Lotil is regarded as the finest on the market. Lotil is specifically formulated for all dry skin conditions. It is a rich soothing cream that is easily absorbed, and is easily applied to your skin.

Lotil cream soothes and heals dry, chapped skin on hands, heels, fingers and other troubled areas.

You'll want to keep several on hand for glove compartment, pocket, purse, desk drawer - just in case.

Lotil Lip Balm keeps lips soft and prevents drying and chapping. Greaseless and flavorless. Goes on clear.


About Lotil:

Lotil Cream helps soothe dry, chapped and sore skin... Distributed from England since 1911, Lotil is regarded by many as the finest hand cream on the market. This cream soothes and heals dry, chapped skin on hands, heels, fingers and other troubled areas.

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