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Nutrition - Product reviews

‘All of our products are gluten free, good for vegans and vegetarians’

In the Nood



Fresh Pasta Ravioli

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars

Oh yes, these aren’t any ordinary chocolate protein bar.

My Protein

N01 Nutrition Brand in Europe


We use only the most high-quality natural ingredients, never compromise on taste, and never add anything artificial.

Purition-Fulled by Nature

If you are going to train hard you need to eat right and nothing beats REAL FOOD!Protein-rich Purition provides the nutrition support you need.

Biocare Supplements

30 years’ expertise in developing professional nutritional supplements

CR7 Drive Herbalife

CR7 Drive is a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink.

Dr Zaks Flavoured Peanut Butters

Having trialled a whole host of different flavours, taste test after taste test, we gradually whittled them down to your five favourites.

Fossil Fuel Nutrition Bars


Delicious raw Primal/Paleo energy bars, made from only the finest ingredients.

Glacéau vitaminwater Zero

Glacéau vitaminwater was invented in New York in 1996 by entrepreneur Darius Bikoff. It launched around the new millennium and has since become the leading active lifestyle drinks brand in the US.

Apple and Pecan Primal Bars

Great tasting new primal bar from Primal Kitchen

MuleBar launch innovative new Nosebag products

The clever folk at MuleBar have come up with something a little bit different and creative

Goodness from Inside out with ALO

Drinking aloe vera juice helps your body absorb the good stuff—better. At ALO we’re committed to bringing you deliciously refreshing drinks that support your healthy lifestyle.

Ease exercise with guarana

Most athletes are aware that caffeine can help when you need a pick me up but now a paper1, published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, has helped unlock the secret behind why!!!!!

Coconoil Check it Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tropical Training Aid!!!

Nutritional Bars by Primal Kitchen

The New Halzlenut and Cocoa Health Bar

The New Mule Bar Goes on Sale at Mulebar.com

MuleBar Eastern Express savoury energy bar.

Nutritional Bars by Primal Kitchen

All our bars are made with 4-5 Real Food ingredients. They are hand made and cold pressed (not heated) here in the UK.

Blockhead Gum

New energy product set to challenge energy drinks market with revolutionary and groundbreaking new compressed energy gum.

Maxitone Sculptress Diet Protein Shake and bar

This decadent tasting milkshake drink can be enjoyed as a balanced meal or snack as part of five healthy, balanced meals and snacks each day.

Mule Bar

If you haven't tasted them before your crazy!!!!


Professional Supplement Specialists

WIld Trail Wholegrain Oat and Fruit Bars

Check out some of the WIld Trail Products.

Hammer Sports Nutrition

Check out some of the best Sports Nutrition supplements on the market!!!!