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The ultimate meal replacement high protein shake

The most important thing about supplement powders is the taste, they can be oober effective but if you cant stomach the taste then forget it. Opti Lean's taste was amazing, I have reviewed some vile ones in the past and can honestly say you will be safe with the Strawberry flavour. I have been taking the supplement for two weeks combining it with my gym regime and my healthy eating and balanced plan. I took it mostly around 11.30am and combined it with porridge oats which I found kept me at a feeling full level for 3-4 hours. I have dropped 6 pounds in the two weeks and have 2 stone to go. When I reach my goal I believe I will continue to use the Opti Lean as it almost gives me piece of mind. I would like to try the other flavours so have put my order in online. There is no easy fix with getting trim and keeping the fat off but with a good balanced diet combined with the Opti Lean you will hopefully find a happy place.


  • 25g of protein per seving
  • blend of whey protein concentrate and micellar casein
  • 7g of fibre per serving
  • low in sugar and fat
  • Unique vitamin and mineral blend
  • Delicious taste


Opti-lean meal replacement powder is a fantastic option when trying to lose weight and reduce your body-fat. It contains only 8g of carbohydrates from complex sources such as oat fibre, flaxseed and chickpea powder, 25g of protein from a blend of whey and casein protein, 7g of fibre, only 6g of fat and 2g of sugar and a unique balanced blend of vitamins and minerals. This is the ultimate weight loss product to help you achieve your desired goals.


Opti-lean meal replacement powder can be used anytime to substitute a meal to support weight loss. The shake should be consumed in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet throughout the day.


For individuals who are looking for a meal replacement shake to help reduce their body-fat or for those individuals who are wanting to increase their protein content in their diet.

PREDATOR NUTRITION OPTI-LEAN MEAL REPLACEMENT POWDER REVIEWOpti-Lean Meal Replacement Powder provides a high quality fantastic tasting shake that will help you take your weight loss to the next level. The shake is tailored towards those looking for a supplement to lose more weight than regular dieting alone and achieves this in a unique way. It contains a high protein content - 25g per serving - to help your body maintain and develop lean muscle while dieting. This is a blend of whey and casein protein to feed your body with protein over many hours. The carbohydrate content is also low and from quality sources such as oat fibre, flaxseed and chickpea powder- ideal for those on a low carbohydrate diet or for those looking to enhance their weight loss efforts. The extremely low sugar content ensures that the calorie content is reduced to a minimum and the seven grams of fibre provides a feeling of fullness that will keep those urges of snacking at bay. The balanced vitamin and mineral content helps ensure the body is not deficient in any micronutrients, which are essential for normal physiological function, to support and allow you to perform at optimal level while dieting.

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