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Pulsin Healthy Snacks and Protein

Pulsin Nutrition

Healthy Snack and Protein bars

We were lucky enough to try out a range of the Pulsin snacks bars. They were devine, we have tried many different brands and if we don't like them they don't make it onto our page. I think my favourite was the mint choc chip, but they were all fantastic very tasty but we ate them far to quickly they were that good. They were also a good chunky size so you felt like you were getting a good size snack, I ate them usually just before or after the gym, now I have run out I'm gonna have to grab myself some more. Buy here

Treat yourself well with our Pulsin Protein Boosters and Raw Choc Brownies. Lovingly crafted to provide the perfect balance of nutrition and taste, our bars contain only natural ingredients.

Our Protein Boosters make the ideal pre- or post-exercise boost or handy, healthy meal-replacement for people on the go.

Choc full of healthy ingredients like maca and goji berries, our Raw Choc Brownies aren’t just incredible tasting and happiness-inducing, they are also free from refined sugars, meaning no energy crashes and not a single ounce of guilt.

Flavoured Protein

Loving the new flavoured protein from Pulsin, not just the texture and flavour it gives my drinks but I love cooking with both proteins. I have tried several of the recipes on the website as my partner is a body builder and takes snacks to work with him. He was getting a bit bored with the same old snacks so I have upped my game with some chickpea choc balls and some truffin protein balls all gorgeous. 

Our flavoured protein powder range contains one vegan friendly and one natural whey protein. Meaning you can choose a protein powder, whatever your diet!

Simply add 25g to a shaker together 250ml of your choice of milk or water and shake for a great tasting protein drink on the go.

You can also try adding to your favourite smoothies, porridge, cereal or recipes for an extra protein boost. Just one serving is a big step towards your recommended daily protein intake.


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