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Use Perform-MX Extreme

Loved this product, I religiously used the whole tub before writing the review as I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a release of energy before or during your work out. It really helped me after a hard days work and then finding the added energy of going into the gym. My gym workout lasts about 2 hours so mixed with water this helped sustain me throughout. The refreshing orange taste was delicious, this is a huge bonus when you look forward to drinking it before your workout.


• Delaying fatigue during exercise
• Energy supply for endurance sports
• Increased stamina
• Buffers lactic acid resulting in improved post-event recovery
• Improved mental focus
• Increased oxygen supply into the bloodstream
• Electrolyte replacement
• Can be used for short, medium or long events

Perfor-MX Extreme is designed to improve sports performance by enhancing mental focus, boosting energy levels, and increasing the body’s ability to absorb oxygen during intense physical activity for short to medium periods (up to four hours).

This advanced formulation helps buffer lactic acid build-up, thus delaying muscle fatigue and reducing muscle soreness. It replaces electrolytes which helps to prevent cramping, and reduces amino acid breakdown.

Athletes across a wide spectrum of sports, from runners, cyclists and swimmers, football and rugby players, to power lifters, martial artists and rock climbers, can enjoy increased energy and alertness by using Perfor-MX Extreme as a pre-event and during-event energy booster.

This product is not suitable for anyone under the age of eighteen. Read recommended use carefully before use.

Typically Used By:

• Athletes and runners
• Rugby and football players
• Swimmers
• Cyclists
• Anyone requiring added energy during exercise or sport

Unique points:

• Designed for use during long, moderate or short distance endurance events
• Potent lactic acid buffering Siberian Ginseng formulation
• Provides nutrients not only for physical stamina, but mental stamina too
• Contains fat-burning / energy conversion nutrients for added endurance whilst promoting  
• Comprehensive before, during and after formulation
• “3- in-1” energy, electrolyte and recovery effect


maltodextrin, dextrose, fructose, l-glutamine, citric acid (acidifier), siberian ginseng, guarana, ascorbic acid, potassium phosphate, flavouring, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, colouring (E104), chromium citrate.

Pack sizes:

• 900g (36 x 25g servings)


Refreshing Orange
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