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Tara Walkers Dream Skin Care

Regenerating Dream Night Creme

The night creme is very light and doesn't make your skin feel heavy and like it can't breath, in the morning my skin feels moist and just fantastic, I would recommend it to anyone with normal skin type.

As you sleep, this indulgent treatment moisturizes, rejuvenates, repairs free radical damage, helps strengthen skin barrier function and works to restore younger- looking skin.

The blend of biodynamic botanical and marine ingredients replenishes the skin's natural oils and leaves you with supple skin come morning.

Green Microalgae: This targeted ingredient helps minimize the appearance of blood vessels.

Beta Glucan and Chitin: In addition to providing skin with an intense moisture surge, these natural ingredients help maintain skin strength and elasticity.

Perfecting Dream Creme

Beautiful product that makes your skin feel fresh and ready for the day. I am very fussy with creams  but I wanted to try the Tara Walker Collection as I had been given the heads up already on what great products they were. I love using the Dream Cream on a daily basis, it's my make up.

With organic orange flower essential water that soothes and calms the skin instead of the regular water found in most skincare products, this luxurious day cream creates a long-lasting film on the skin to lock in moisture and protect skin from environmental assault all day.

Golden Seaweed: Protects the skin against inflammation and cell damage caused by UV rays while minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

Alaria Esculenta (Brown Algae): Rich in anti-aging omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, this marine extract reinforces the skin's barrier while protecting skin cells.

Roobios and White Teas: These extracts contain high concentrations of skin-protecting antioxidants

Rejuvenating Dream Serum+100 Concentrate.

I'm not that keen on Serum products as I do have quite oily skin, but this product just feels fantastic, very neutral not oily at all and makes my skin feel wonderful, well recommended.

The cornerstone of Tara Walker's Dream, this powerful aromatic serum contains 109 naturally derived active botanicals from around the world.

This blend of extremely rare absolutes and essential oils protects the skin from free radical damage while nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

A complete anti-aging treatment, the serum features refreshing extracts that revive dull, tired cells to make skin look brighter, more radiant and noticeably younger, along with rich oils to smooth the skin, improve elasticity and help diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Açaí and Andiroba Oils: Rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and phytosterols, these Brazilian oils smooth, moisturize

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