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Rugby - 03. May 2007.

Three teams battle it out for place in Super League final


London, North and South all stand a chance of playing in the final on Guinness Premiership Finals day at England rugby’s HQ on Saturday May 12th, kick-off 11.30am.

London currently lead the table with two wins from two. The side is coached by England A Women’s assistant coach Martin Hynes and includes the likes of 2006 IRB Rugby World Cup finalists Maggie Alphonsi, Katy Storie and Charlotte Barras. 

The leaders will take on the South at 145pm at Broadstreet RFC with the South, coached by Ian Griffin, also intent on booking their place in the final. The South team, which includes players’ likes England international Danielle Waterman, currently sit third on the table behind the North but only points’ difference separate the two teams.

The North, coached by Andy Paton, will be looking for two wins out of three on Monday when they take on the Celtics, the only side in Super League to have not won a game.

London (Head Coach Martin Hynes, Assistant Coach Albert Hughes)


1 Rosemarie Crowley (Lichfield), 2 Emma Layland (Richmond), 3 Katy Storie  (Blaydon), 4 Emma Dresser (Lichfield), 5 Rowena Burnfield (Richmond), 6 Laura Jenkins (Richmond), 7 Maggie Alphonsi (vc)(Saracens), 8 Claire Frost (Saracens), 9 Amy Turner  (Wasps), 10 Shelley Rae (c) (Wasps), 11Fiona Pocock (Richmond), 12 Rachel Burford (Saracens), 13 Michaela Staniford (Wasps), 14 Sarah Marsh     (Wasps), 15 Charlotte Barras (Lichfield). Replacements: 16 Claire Purdy (Wasps), 17 Monica Lewinska (Clifton), 18 Lucinda Howland (Richmond), 19        Emma Dorban-Hall (Wasps), 20 Louisa Seymour (Saracens), 21 Ally Taft    (Lichfield), 22 Holly Le Grave (Saracens).

North (Head Coach Andy Paton and Assistant Coach Dave Manders)

1 Rochelle Clark (Henley), 2 Ollie Poore (Lichfield), 3 Hannah Shield (Sharks), 4 Tamara Taylor (C) (Sharks), 5 Alison Stevens (Lichfield), 6 Sarah Hunter (Lichfield), 7       Sonia Green     (Saracens), 8 Sarah Beale       (Leos), 9 Abigail Mowbray (Sharks), 10 Katy McLean (Sharks), 11 Collette McArthy (Wasps), 12 George Roberts (Sharks), 13 Claire Allan (Saracens), 14    Katherine Merchant (Worcester), 15 Francis Matthews (Blaydon). Replacements: 16 Samantha Dale (Worcester), 17 Victoria Rivett (Blaydon), 18     Kate Hall (Blaydon), 19 Louise Leonard (Blaydon), 20 Harriet Slynn (Richmond), 21 Sarah Roper   (Army), 22 Sarah Graham (Blaydon).

Celtic (Head Coach Mark Tomlinson, Assistant Coach Liza Burgess)


1 Hannah Roberts (Wales), 2 Jamie Kift  (Wales), 3 Jilly McCord (Scotland), 4 Lynsey Heeler (Scotland), 5 Rachel Taylor (Wales), 6      Susie Brown (Scotland), 7       Dawn Mason      (Wales), 8 Clare Muir (Scotland), 9                      Amy Day (Wales), 10 Erin Kerr (Scotland), 11 Hayley Baxter (Wales), 12 Claire Flowers (Wales), 13      Rachel Poolman (Wales), 14 Louise Rickard (Wales), 15 Jacqui Sheils (Ireland). Replacements: 16  Sophie Williams (Wales), 17 Lynn Reid (Scotland), 18 Clare Donovan (Wales), 19 Becky Davis (Wales), 20 Phillippa Tuttiet (Wales), 21   Hayley Legg     (Scotland), 22 Melanie Berry (Wales).

South (Head Coach Ian Griffin, Assistant Coach Jan Bonney)


1 Sophie Hemming (Clifton), 2 Pippa Crews (Worcester), 3 Katie Smith (Richmond), 4 Sara Anastasi (Richmond), 5 Natalie Binstead  (Wasps), 6 Gemma Sharples (Worcester), 7 Jane Leonard  (Wasps), 8 Karen Jones (Wasps), 9 Georgina Rozario (Plymouth Albion), 10 Alice Richardson (Richmond), 11 Amber Penrith (Cardiff Quins), 12 Kim Oliver   (Clifton), 13 Charlotte Boggis (Plymouth Albion), 14 Danielle Waterman (Clifton), 15 Vicky Jackson (Lichfield). Replacements: 16 Clare Steer (Henley), 17 Tracy Balmer (Worcester), 18 Rebecca Roby (Saracens), 19 Jo McBain (North Tawton), 20 Cathy Freeman (Plymouth Albion), 21 Helen Price (Worcester), 22 Meg Youdan (UWIC).


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