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- 01. May 2007.

World Cup Stage 2 – Quotes of the Day 2

We have asked the following questions to the archers :
1. Do you think it would have an added-value to have a World Champion title for the FITA Round ?
2. Would you prefer to shoot a FITA Round or 70m Round for the qualification ?
3. How are you shooting today ?

Michelle Frangilli, ITA
1. Yes, of course, and it should have already been like that since a long time.
2. I prefer a FITA Round, it is nicer, and that is the way it was done originally.
3. I’ve been shooting good.
Lucy Holderness, GBR
1. No, I don’t think so, because there is only one and only World Champion, however to have some kind of award could be a nice idea !
2. It is nice to shoot different distances. Another good idea would be to have an alternation in the qualification rounds every year.
3. Good so far ! Much better than in Ulsan !
Anne Laurila, FIN
1. Why not !
2. For Compound Women, a FITA Round is meaningless, since we are always less than 64, and therefore a 70m would be better, it is useless to shoot 144 arrows for the ranking, but again, talking about Compound Women.
3. I am not shooting top scores, but not awful scores neither…
Camilla Soemod, DEN
1. It wouldn’t be the same in a competition point of view, but it would be nice to have some kind of award, but not the title.
2. 70m without doubt, because Compound Women are always less than 64, so there is no need to shoot a complete FITA Round.
3. Horrible…

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