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Gels are pretty much a hit and miss product if you don't get on with the texture or taste you can forget it.
CNP Gel is by far not one of the best I have tested for taste. Quite bitter to the palate a smooth gel, I tried the cola and berry but neither did much for me, sorry CNP texture was good but the taste needs updating.

CNP's Pro Energy Gel has been developed in conjunction with British Cycling and the Sky Pro Cycling Team and is used by their riders. British Cycling and Sky Pro Cycling Team specifically requested CNP to not use citric acid in the formulation as they believe it can upset the riders' stomachs.

CNP's Pro Energy Gel

Pro Energy Gel can be used by cyclists of any level to provide a sustained release of energy

Pro Energy Gel with maltodextrin for a sustained release of energy. Potassium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride for improved hydration. Naturally occuring Tocopherol (vitamin E) for it's anti oxidant properties.



First thought really tasty product, easy to take and use. I go in the gym alot and take the prohydrate about 10 minutes before work out, I then mix another bottle and take it during my work out. I find the prohydrate keeps me working hard, after a days work you need some fighting energy and it keeps me going for a good two hours.

I had the berry flavour but it also comes in orange.

Well recommended and a good price, at the moment £8.68 for £500g.

CNP's Pro Hydrate is a hyptonic drink which actively pushes fluids and carbohydrates into your blood and cells to ensure optimum hydration. This outperforms water or isotonic drinks which do not flow into the blood until you start to become dehydrated. A 2% loss in hydration can cause a 10% loss in performance so optimum hydration is essential for peak performance.

Pro Hydrate is a hyptonic drink

Pro Hydrate is a complex carbohydrate drink which will provide sustained energy for exercise plus electrolytes to replace lost salts and improve hydration. Taurine has been added for increased hydration and to promote blood flow which will combat muscle tiredness. Pro Hydrate is easily absorbed without bloating.


PRO-MS-First the taste was ok I would give it 8/10. You can choose from Wild Berries, Vanilla Caramel and Swiss Chocolate. The Chocolate taste was my favourite, great texture a bit of an after taste. I took the replacement for a maximum of 3 days taking in 2-3 servings a day. I ate a light breakfast and evening meal taking in the shake and replacing only lunch with a full shake.

Supplements cannot replace good wholesome healthy food and exercise but they are good if you do not have time to stop for a meal. The shake did keep me going I wasn't craving for food which I was surprised about I lost 4lbs in three days but I am not trying to loose weight and this was just an experiment. For people who want to loose weight try this product but eat sensibly and exercise with it.

A five day supply if you use three a day is a heathly £28.00 on special at the moment so weigh up the cost.

Meal Replacement for women

Pro-Ms is a unique protein meal replacement formulated to meet the specific requirements of women. Pro-Ms contains a special blend of proteins based on the principles of human maternal milk and also contains Soy protein isolate, which has specific health benefits to women.

Pro-Ms is a unique protein meal replacement formulated to meet the specific requirements of women

Per 1 sachet (47g):
Calories 160
Protein 25g
Carbohydrates 11g
Dietary Fibre 2g
Sugars 2g
Total fat 2g
Saturated fat 0.5g
Cholesterol 20mg
Sodium 300mg
Potassium 400mg

The carbohydrates are low glycemic in nature and have been incorporated to assist in keeping insulin and blood sugar levels constant, preventing accumulation of body fat.

The healthy fat sources included in Pro-Ms have been incorporated to play an important role - sunflower, flax seed oil and CLA are health promoting essential fatty acids (EFA's) also shown to aid body fat reduction.

To further enhance the thermogenic effect (fat loss) of the EFA's, green tea extract, raspberry ketone and maitake mushroom extract have been added, which also have antioxidant properties that could be of long term benefit to women.

Pro-Ms contains added vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics, which are friendly bacteria found in the intestines to aid intestinal health which further help utilise the high quality ingredients contained in Pro-Ms.

Pro-Ms is the first and only low calorie, high quality meal replacement on the market for women today.


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