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Other Sports - 28. April 2007.

Worlds first Muslim skydiving school

PAAviation www.paaviation.com has opened the worlds FIRST Muslim skydiving school. Due to the fact that we have female instructors, we can uniquely allow Muslim women to experience the thrill and exhilaration of skydiving, in accordance with Islamic regulations.

We have exclusive use of a brand new Britten-Norman Islander aircraft, (this is the first western made aircraft, factory supplied to Iran since the Islamic revolution, please visit the following link for more information):


We will be based at Azadi airport, just 50km from Tehran, on the Tehran-Qazvin Highway. We have British and European instructors with full international certification, ensuring that our students will be trained in a safe and highly professional manner.

We have received approvals from the following organisations: Iranian sports federation, Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation, Iranian women's institute and the Iranian ministry of culture.

Students are required to pre-book the time and date of the jump. Upon completion of their booking, they can proceed to our airfield at Azadi airport. On the day of the jump, our instructors give a pre-flight safety and ground school briefing, explaining exactly what happens during the skydive. Tandem jumps will be performed, which means that the students will be safely strapped harnessed to the instructor at all times. Once the safety briefing is complete,The aircraft takes off, and will climb to 10000feet, at this altitude, the instructor and student exit the aircraft, and freefall at speeds over 300KPH! After approximately 60 seconds of free falling, the instructor opens the parachute canopy, and allows the student to steer the parachute on to the drop zone.

Upon landing, our students receive an official Aerosports level 1 certificate. There is the option of having a professional skydive cameraman jump to film the entire experience.

We are very proud to be introducing this thrilling and exciting new sport in Iran, and welcome Muslims around the world, male and female, to jump with us in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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