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Cellulite Reduction


How to work against Cellulite – a question probably 95% of females all over the world ask themselves…but how can it be done? Are anti-cellulite creams and treatments really what they’re made out to be? Are they all just another scam of getting women to buy more cosmetic products and skin lotions and for the beauty industry to report yet more rise in profit? My answer would be yes. All of us will try different lotions and are bombarded with new products day after day through the media…so I’ve done some research and compiled and easy to follow guide, which might not work 100% but will certainly give you a better chance to keep your skin smooth and soft to the touch.


Eat Plenty of fruit and vegetables

Fresh fruit and vegetables such as blueberries, cherries, blackberries, citrus, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, and peas contain antioxidants that help increase the flexibility of the septa, and an elastic septa ensures that the cellulite stays beneath the surface. Also try to incorporate a good multi-vitamin into your diet since these contain essential vitamins and minerals to help with normal cell function.


Avoid Saturated Fats

These help build cellulite by blocking the arteries and becoming trapped in the tissue as well, thus preventing sufficient waste and toxin elimination. Try to eat more essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 as these help reduce cells sticking together.


Try a Detox

Cellulite can form when toxins are built up within the body and therefore harden the septa, so by avoiding creating those toxins in the first place we can stop cellulite forming. One way of doing this is by avoiding tobacco, caffeine, preservatives and spicy foods in our diets.


Give up Smoking

Obviously not great for the skin and lungs, but smoking also weakens the 
skin by causing constriction of capillaries and therefore the 
circulatory system, this in turn damages the connective tissue that 
causes the dimpling effect of cellulite. To give up smoking, you would 
need some support from a vaping device which is designed for chain 
smokers to stop the bad habit. And this is made realized through 
davincivaporizer.com who purposely made it possible to kick the bad 
habit out.


Take up regular exercise

Evidently regular exercise will burn fat and increase muscle tone, both of which will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite. But moreover exercise increases the activity of the heart and therefore circulatory system bringing ‘new’ nutrient rich blood to the skin whilst heavy breathing and muscle contractions stimulate the lymph system which then takes away the waste products. Consequently toxins are removed and the septa remains unhardened meaning cellulite is less likely to form.


Try breathing exercises

Something as simple as deep and heavy breathing can help stimulate both the circulatory and lymph system, thus serving to eliminate toxins. Try this breathing technique: Breathe in, hold and out for a ratio of 1:4:2. So breathe in for 1 second, hold for 4 seconds and then breathe out for 2 seconds.


Reduce Stress

When stressed your body releases adrenaline a hormone that directs blood to our 'fight or flight' muscles, such as the triceps, biceps and quadriceps, in preparation for defence or retreat. This means blood is redirected away from the skin, decreasing circulation and less toxins are removed.


Massage your Body

Use a large flat brush, with fairly stiff bristles, and brush in the direction of lymph flow, toward the next group of lymph nodes. Start at the ankles, using gentle, fan-like movements and work up to the thighs and beyond the bottom if necessary. Remember that lymph drainage relies on very light pressure…brush gently. Practice this daily before bathing or showering and it will become a daily habit. Dry skin brushing should improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

However, used alone, it is unlikely to reduce the volume of cellulite. So follow the dry brushing by applying a botanical anti-cellulite gel or an aromatherapy mixture that stimulates the release of fat. Dry skin brushing removes the dead layers of skin and other impurities, allowing the pores to eliminate without obstruction. The technique also stimulates circulation so that the blood can nourish the tissues, as well as effectively removing wastes. It is also an excellent way of clearing and stimulating the lymphatic system.


Drink plenty of water and Try Loosing some weight

Drink a sufficient amount of water and this will help ‘flush’ toxins from the body and therefore help to maintain a healthy septa.

Resource: Having to deal with dimpley cellulite can be such a challenge. There are so many cellulite reduction treatments out there it's hard to choose which treatment is for you. Healthy Skin Portal can enlighten you on many cellulite treatment options that are for you. Mesotherapy is a great start at getting rid of that unwanted cellulite. Find a skin specialist near you with Healthy Skin Portal. 


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