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Corporate Fitness or office workout

Nowadays, the number of employees doing sedentary work is constantly growing and has already exceeded 90 percent. Moreover, we are not only sitting in offices while staring at a computer screen, but also while eating, driving, watching TV at home, etc. And on top of that we linger in a static position in the workplace, unfortunately without any movemen all day long.

In addition to causing daytime fatigue, the sedentary work increases the risk of spinal diseases which, in turn, affects internal organs.

Besides, those who sit in front of the monitor most of the working day, suffer from eye strain and blurred vision. From that derives a negative emotional state and, as a consequence, the quality and quantity of work performed gradually decreases.


Big companies try to organize different workout programs: they equip the gyms, invite coaches or compensate for fitness center membership. However, in most companies, physical exercise has to be done individually and on the personal initiative of the employee.

So, here's the question: how to maintain health and do proper exercises in the workplace? Here are some tips on working out without leaving your desk.

1. Sit at the edge of your chair. Raise one leg at a 30 degree angle and hold it until you get tired. Repeat this exercise on the other leg. Additionally, you can stretch your thigh muscles.

2. Sit at the edge of the chair. Put your hands on the edge of the table and press against it. Try to lift yourself and get your feet off the floor.

3. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. Put both hands on the edge of the table. Tighten your arms as if you wanted to get up from the table.

4. Grasp the seat of the chair with your hands on the left and right sides and pull it up, as if you want to lift yourself with the chair.

5. Clasp your hands behind the chair. Cross your feet and slightly lift them up. Try to pull the legs in opposite directions, as if you want to uncross them.

6. Grasp the front of your seat with one hand. Pull it up, as if you want to raise it. Change hands.

7. Keep your feet shoulder width apart. Place your arms down at your sides. Sitting straight in the chair, tilt your body to the left and right.

8. Sit straight in the chair and extend your arms out to your sides. Rotate clockwise 15-20 times in each direction. Additionally, you can circle your wrists 15-20 times in each direction.

9. Grasp a wrist with the other hand and gently pull them in opposite directions. Change hands.

10. Take a deep breath, hold it for 4-5 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat 3 times.

Eye exercises:
1. Every half hour focus your eyes on the most distant point and count to 30.

2. Open and close your eyes 10 times.

3. Rotate your eyes clockwise 10 times in each direction

Try to incorporate these exercises into your work routine each day if you can.

Exercises at work help to:

- restore joint mobility and blood circulation;
- relax habitually tight muscles and strengthen those which are not in use when sitting;
- relieve mental stress and increase performance.

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