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Diet without despair - Eat more, weigh less


Written by www.lamuscle.com

Diets are often associated with hunger, temptation and deprivation however, there are ways to lose weight and look great without the hardship. You just have to learn the dieting tricks of the fitness industry, hence why this article sets things out simply. To see fat loss results in less than 7 days

-          Buy the foods from the shopping list below
-          Follow the Diet Plan
-          Abide by the 6 Dieting Guidelines

Example of Daily Shopping List:

Sources of Protein:

•        Eggs
•        Chicken or Turkey breast
•        Canned tuna in spring water or tuna steak
•        Cottage Cheese
•        Low Fat Greek Yoghurt

Sources of Carbohydrates:
•        Brown Bread
•        Fruit
•        Vegetables
•        Potato
•        Brown Rice
•        Crisp breads

Sources of ‘Good’ Fats:
•        Peanut Butter
•        Homous
•        Olive Oil

Optional dressings and herbs:   
•        Black pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Chilli
•        Garlic, balsamic vinegar
•        Basil, flat leaf parsley, coriander, thyme

Example of Daily Diet Plan:

Breakfast (at roughly 7:30am): 2 egg white and 1 whole egg omelette with 2 slices of brown bread with added black pepper or basil Or A Full Healthy English Breakfast; 1 boiled egg, grilled/poached meat, beans and 2 slices of wholegrain toast

Snack (at roughly 10:00am): Fruit

Lunch (at roughly 12:30pm): Tuna, with light mayonnaise, a baked potato, lots of salad and olive oil dressing

Snack (at roughly 3:00pm): Low fat Greek yoghurt with fruit

Dinner (at roughly 5:30pm): Marinated chicken with garlic and herbs with brown rice and lots of vegetables

Snack (at roughly 8:00pm): Homous and carrot sticks or Peanut butter on
crisp breads   

Optional Snack (at roughly 10:00pm): Cottage cheese with honey

The Guidelines:

Guideline 1:
Try to include protein in most meals and snacks, since protein requires more calories to digest than any other macronutrient (known as the ‘thermic effect of feeding) so you actually burn calories just sitting there eating.
Also it makes you feel ‘fuller’ for longer compared to carbohydrates or fats.

Guideline 2:
Try to eat 6-7 times a day, this doesn’t mean you eat more calories it just means you change how frequently you eat. By doing this you can stabilise your blood sugar levels which means you are less likely to crave sugary foods and store body fat.

Guideline 3:
Drink a lot of water since if the body doesn’t have a sufficient supply of water, the kidneys cannot function efficiently. At this point the surplus workload is done by the liver meaning the liver can’t do its job of metabolising stored fat for energy properly thus meaning less fat is burnt.
Also drinking enough water can help to suppress appetite, since people often eat because they mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger.

Guideline 4:
Eat as much vegetables (especially green vegetables such as broccoli and
spinach) as you want since the fiber will ensure you feel ‘full’ without the calories. Basically vegetables provide ‘bulk’ to the diet whilst only adding a small number of calories, hence why a large plate of vegetables only contains 200 calories yet will dramatically boost your metabolism.

Guideline 5:
Exercise more, since not only does the actual act of exercising burn calories but studies reveal it can also suppress appetite by raising the body’s temperature and through altering hormones within the body.

Guideline 6:
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Body Beautiful.jpg

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