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Fat burning workout


Long, lean bodies, sculpted to perfection! Well, everybody wants the perfect toned look and with all the glossy advertisements being flashed across the television screen and magazines, one always yearns to emulate the models portrayed. Weight loss is on the agenda for many health-conscious people.

Weight loss issues have plagued the minds of many. Losing weight naturally through exercise is obviously the best method of burning fat. There are many fat burning workouts that specifically help to lose fat and tone the body. This happens over a period of time and it probably may not give overnight results, as is the case with crash diets. Planning exercise programs are the best way you can tackle such weighty issues!

With a balanced diet and a healthy workout program, you can enhance the way you look and feel healthy from within. So, how does one lose weight naturally? What kind of fat burning workouts should be followed? Here are some very important exercises for burning body fat to help you remain fit and healthy.

We all know the importance of exercise. And we also know that an exercise routine may not really be exciting for many. Aerobic exercises, water aerobics, walking, cycling, yoga exercises, cardiovascular exercises and specific abdominal exercises will surely help your body to be flexible and look toned overall. Sport activities will help you to enjoy the routine. However, if you are looking to burn fat and also tone your body, then you need to follow the exercise routines compiled below.
Lie down flat on the floor. Bend your knees with your feet firmly on the ground. Place your hands behind your neck. Ensure your chin points at the ceiling. Now, move your upper body up and down briskly. Lift your back a little away from the floor. While you move towards the upper side, make sure you breathe out. While you move downwards, make sure you breathe in. Begin with 2 sets of 8 repetitions. Avoid rising up fully in the first few attempts. 
Love handles basically refer to the fat that is accumulated towards the waist area. Here are some simple steps for fat burning workouts.

Stand straight with your feet slightly apart from each other. You need to have small sized dumbbells for this exercise; however, you can even use mineral water bottles. Now, fold your arms and hold the dumbbells close to the body. Next, you need to flex your hip and legs. The legs should remain still as you bend sideways. Now, bend towards the left side from the waist. Extend your right hand to the left side. Come back to the starting position and bring your arm back. Now, bend towards the right side and extend your left hand towards the right side. While bending, you need to tighten the body. Begin with slow steps. Always be aware of the way your breathe. Breathe out whilst your bending and breathe in while you are bringing the arm behind.

Women in particular, face problems of having excess body fat on the thigh area. Use these exercises to tone your thighs.

Stand straight with your feet apart. Your back should be upright. Squat down slowly and make sure you tighten your abs area. While going down, breathe in and whilst coming up, breathe out. Do this step 8 times in one set and increase the sets every week.

Lunges are another important form of exercise to firm the thighs. Stand straight in place and then place your right leg forward. Bend it at the knee area and place your hands on the knee. This will cause you to stretch ahead. Come back slowly to the starting position and repeat with other leg. Repeat it 8 times in one set and do a set for each leg.

Go down on the floor and balance your weight on your knees and palms. Slowly raise one leg up; your other knee would be bent. The back and waist would remain still. Extend your raised foot towards the ceiling and then bring it down slowly. Repeat for other leg. Do a set for each leg and include 8 repetitions for each leg. Once you complete the set, sit on your folded legs with your arms outstretched on the floor. The forehead should also be towards the floor. Relax and then slowly get up after a minute.

Push-ups are the best form of exercise to tone the chest area and also helps to burn body fat. These need to be done on a regular basis to firm the chest and lose flab on the arms.

Lay straight on the floor with your face towards the floor. Keep your palms in line with the shoulders. Lift the body completely on your arms. The legs should be close to each other and the knees should not touch the floor. Go down slowly and keep your body firm. Whilst you go down, inhale and whilst you go up, make sure you exhale. Keep the buttock tight and body firm. Do a set with 8 repetitions and increase it, as you feel confident about the exercise routine.


Strength training is required to have firm, toned arms. This exercise will help you to burn fat on the arms.

To begin with, you will need a set of dumbbells. The weights should be used in consultation with your trainer. Stand with your back straight and take a dumbbell in each arm. Place your arms on the sides. The knuckles should be towards the body. Bring the weight up to the chest level. Follow this by lowering the weights slowly back to the starting position. Begin with 2 sets of 8 repetitions. This exercise is particularly good for the biceps.

Belly fat gives nightmares to many. This simple breathing exercise can be incorporated with your fat burning workouts in order to lose belly fat.

Stand straight and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, bend and place your hands just above your knees. The fingers should be on the inside of the thighs. Exhale with a great force till you feel your mouth is empty. And follow this immediately by using your abdominal muscles to life the abdomen in and out. Do not breathe in. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Now, relax and breathe in slowly. Do this around 6 times and once you finish, take a slow and deep breath and come up slowly. Bring your shoulders up and slowly lift your head back.

Use these exercises in combinations to have a successful fat burning workout program. These exercises for burning body fat will help you to remain slim and trim and also feel healthy from within.

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