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Great looking legs


All girls want great looking legs for summer, and many believe they have great legs donning short skirts with legs like twiggy! But in all honesty, skinny legs aren’t particularly sexy. They’re just skinny, and of course weak. Larger legs are often more shapely and sexy, certainly stronger, but a happy medium is always best. Men love good legs, and men love strong legs. They may comment on long legs, but don’t always take that as a ‘sexy compliment’. The bit you don’t hear is probably that you look like a stalk or a stick! Obviously everyone has a different idea about what ‘good’ legs are, but in reality, shape, definition and feminine firmness win every time.


The best all-round exercise for legs is ‘PLYOMETRIC’ work. That means jumping a lot. Using your fast twitch, building strength, stamina, endurance, adding muscle shape and burning any excess fat because of the amount of cardio work involved. Plyometrics work the calves, the quads, the hamstrings, glutes and of course the heart!


These shouldn’t be done every now and again and just a few at a time. Do them once a week in your leg workout. Dedicate yourself to 1 day a week focusing on legs and at every opportunity add in sets of plyometrics. They should make your heart rate rocket and you sweat heavily. So for example, do a set of 20 leg extensions on a weight which burns when you reach 15 and really burns at 20. Get off the leg ex machine and immediately go into 20 plyometrics. Then take 1 minute rest and repeat this super-set 3x. If you are hard-core, then don’t rest. Do 3 sets back to back. Then move on to leg-curl and do exactly the same.


From this, move onto the step machine. Step for 2 minutes on level 7, pause it, come off and do 15 plyometrics, restart the step and take it to level 9 for 2 minutes, pause it and do 15 plyometrics, then level 11 and again 15 plyometrics. All this is done back to back no rest. If you are hard-core then try level 25 (highest level) and then do plyometrics. However I haven’t yet seen anyone do this apart from me. So when you achieve it, please get in touch so we can bitch about it together! After this you’ll need some floor space at the gym. Just lie down for a few minutes!


How about a stress position? Using a Swiss ball against the wall and keeping your back on the Swiss ball and bend at the knees, lowering yourself until you are sat on a totally invisible chair, back still against the ball. Stay in this squatted position for a minute keeping the knees together, then shake out and do it again for another minute, but this time gently squat up and down, your back is against the ball so you are rolling it up and down the wall as it supports you. Keep your back upright and knees together again and squat up and down as if you are sitting on a chair and then raising yourself back off it a few inches. A lot of movement isn’t necessary, just a small bounce is plenty to get that burning feeling.


Using a weight bench which is higher than a ‘step’, do step-ups with a jump. So when the right leg steps up onto the bench, you also push off with the right leg adding a jump. Keep the right leg on the bench, left leg on the floor and go for 15 reps pushing off with the right leg every time and add as much height as you can. Then change legs. 3 sets of 15 reps each leg. Super-set of course. No resting here! If you find it easy hold some weights and then repeat!


After completing this, you feel no muscle ache in the morning, you’re not doing it properly! This is a good effective way to get great looking legs but you must be committed and you must not stop even when you hate it and you are burning and sweating. Change the routine every few weeks or email me for other heavy leg workout ideas. I have tons. My trainer has me doing every unimaginable leg workout you can imagine....it’s never pleasant, but I’m 100% happy with the strength, endurance and shape of my legs.

Written By Sarah Donohue - www.sarahdonohue.com

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