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Trained by three times World Champion, John Orchard and kickboxing since she was 19 Natalie has proven herself to be the Queen Bee of kickboxing.  She currently holds titles including IKF PRO Women’s Lightweight World Champion, IKF Pro Women’s Super-Lightweight European Champion, WKU British Super-Lightweight Champion and WKU British Lightweight Champion.  

Natalie has been studying Martial Arts for 8 years and achieved her Black Belt in Kickboxing in 2005.  Now a fully qualified personal trainer, kickboxing instructor and www.lamuscle.tv presenter and advisor, Natalie’s aim is ‘to ensure you reach the level of fitness you desire without compromising your lifestyle and ensure that you are motivated and renewed.’ 

Weighing in at 64kg, with 11 wins out of 14 fights and 2 TKO’s under her belt Natalie Bee competes in full contact kickboxing on both a national and European level and is one young lady that is taken very seriously when she steps in a ring.

Natalie’s Tips to Be The Best..

Get a good coach, someone who inspires you, someone you look up to. If you want to be the best you have to train with the best. So find the best academy that suits you. It’s always good to have a strong team behind you.

Get yourself properly kitted out and protect yourself at all times.  With this sport you do need to spend the money to get good quality kit that lasts and that will do the job.

Kickboxing is a very intense workout and you need to be fit.  If you want to be good you need to put the work in and get fit, it’s not a weekend sport! Be prepared to go past aerobic workouts into anaerobic.
Make sure you train hard on all aspects.  Work on both your strengths and weaknesses and don’t leave anything out. Most importantly never be afraid to try something new. You only get out what you put in, so it’s down to you how much of a good workout you want if you just train for fun.


You need to have something that drives you, find your goal; Kickboxing is amazing for fitness, toning up and especially losing weight but it can also be a very competitive sport.  So you can train to achieve your belts and grading or you can fight and work towards being a champion like me! Winning and fighting is the biggest buzz for me, getting in that ring is the biggest adrenaline rush there is, I strive to be the ultimate best, that’s my goal, my motivation!




You must believe your good, believe you’re the best. If you want to compete at a high level you need a positive mind; know you have trained the hardest you possibly can, know you deserve to win. Visualise yourself winning and you will as then the hard work is done. There is no room for negativity.

To be a tip top athlete at this sport you need to treat your body like a temple, your body is like a car engine, feed it good quality fuel and it will go but put rubbish in it and it certainly won’t run as smoothly.  I find natural food supplements such as ‘Explosive Creatine’ by www.lamuscle.com helps with training, especially for recovery and endurance, many other supplements are available to help too.

Strong Core
You’ll find you will need a strong core for kickboxing as all movement is from the hips, both punching and kicking involves rotation of the core. Also when you start sparring there’s nothing worse than a punch in the stomach that winds you, so learn to braise for impact and build those stomach muscles.
Watch female fighter Natalie Bee give advice on all aspects of health and fitness on her new self-defence show exclusive on www.lamuscle.tv - The World’s No.1 Online Health & Fitness Channel.   Natalie’s exclusive photo shoot with LA Muscle can be viewed at www.lamuscle.com
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