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Product reviews

Adidas Official Running Kit-Womens Souvenir Range 2011
WSR reviewed part of the Women's Souvenir Range from Adidas for the 2011 London Marathon
Dyna-Band the total body workout
The total body workout claims to work your whole body and it certainly does. There are thousands of exercise DVD's on the market these days but selecting a really good one is not an easy task.

Sci-MX Nutrition

WSR reviewed sports Nutrition by Sci-MX. More reviews to come on Sci-MX

Powerade ION 4-Still Berry and tropical Isotonic Sports Drink

Powerade ION4 hydrates better than waterto help you perform at your best for longer. This new improved sports drink has been developed by sports scientists to help replenish fluids and the 4 minerals lost in sweat

Trigirl Cycling Mitt

One of the Trigirl Cycling Collection, WSR reviewed the cycling mitt.

Lotil products-Foot Cream, Lip Balm and Original Cream

WSR reviewed some products by Lotil.....Check them out!!!

Women's Ravenous from Columbia Sportswear

The Ravenous trail-running shoe eats gnarly single-track for breakfast. Our revolutionary new heel capture system puts softer 3D molded Techlite® material directly against the heel and moves the stabilizing heel counter to the outside. This provides a comfortable, conforming fit where trail runners told us they need it most.

9-Bar The Great Tasting Nutritious Bar

Reviewing the 9-Bar was truly a wonderful experience, we are huge fans of healthy snacks here at WSR, the 9-Bar has to be one of the best seed bars I have ever tasted!!!

Nike Running Range-The Nike Challenger T-Shirt and the Tempo running shorts

WSR reviewed two items from the Nike Running Range. The Tempo Shorts in black and the Nike Challenger Graphic Women's Running Shirt.

Tiers Snow Jacket by Oakley for The Gretchen Blieber Collection

Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler has won four X Games gold medals, and the journey included more than a few hill chills. We worked with her to create insulated jackets that could shield her from the cold without restricting her pipe tricks.

Original Danish Duck Feet

WSR tried and tested two of the latest trends from Duckfeet. The Vejle and the Arhus. Amazing boots, such fantastic quality, worth every penny, these boots will last a lifetime.

G:Golf Swing Practise Mat - For all golfers wanting to improve their game

Golf Swing Practise Mat For all golfers wanting to improve their game! Made by World Renowned Carpet Specialists Axminster