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5 Great Reasons Women Should Take Up Boxing

5 Great Reasons Women Should Take Up Boxing

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Women who are searching for a new way to challenge their bodies and get fit and strong should definitely consider taking up boxing training. But if you are a woman and you are reluctant to give this sport and fitness routine a try, continue reading to learn about a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to get into the ring and put on your gloves.

  1. It Provides Cardiovascular Benefits

Boxing goes beyond merely helping you burn fat and slim down because it also helps you develop a strong cardiovascular system. This workout forces your body to work hard, so you will start to breathe more deeply and more heavily as your heart rate increases and pumps blood more efficiently throughout your whole body. This will strengthen your heart and help reduce your risk of heart disease.

  1. You Can Learn to Defend Yourself

Another reason why boxing is more than just a workout is because it is a means by which you can learn to defend yourself. And that’s important if you are a woman. You can get into the ring and learn how to land every punch with power and accuracy, and you can start incorporating defensive training methods that will make you feel more confident on the street because you won’t be as vulnerable.

  1. It Will Burn Loads of Calories and Fat

If you are searching for a new workout routine that is fun and will definitely burn plenty of fat and calories so you can slim down and get the sexy body that you’ve always wanted, look no further than boxing. This is a high intensity workout, so just one hour will burn anywhere from 350 to 500 calories, depending upon the intensity of the exercise and how much you weigh. On top of that, boxing will also help you lose visceral fat that is found around your stomach and is related to various health problems.

  1. It Is a Great Way to De-Stress

Boxing trains your body hard so that you can lose weight and build muscle, but it also works on training your mind. As you release all of the tension and stress that you are dealing with against a punching bag or opponent, you will be able to clear your mind and feel less frazzled.

  1. It Works Out Your Entire Body

Finally, if you are searching for a total body workout, boxing could be the perfect fit. This exercise will work on your shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs, and abdominals all at once. In just one hour, you can work on multiple muscle groups, making this routine a really efficient one that is ideal for busy people. Plus, it is far more exciting and exhilarating than merely lifting weights at the gym.

These are just five of the many great reasons why boxing is such a fantastic workout for women. So if you are ready to reap its many benefits, definitely find a facility where you can give it a try.

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