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Alison Waters - about Ambitions and Successes

We spoke to Alison Waters at the recent ISS Canary Wharf Squash Classic, to find out about her tournament successes, the feelings she had about how her year has been so far, Olympic hopes...

You have been in Manchester for an Invitational Doubles Competition and have reached a semi final and a final, how do you feel the tournament went?


It was great to play all the different teams and to get into a real 'competition feel', as you can practice all day long but it all changes when you get into a real match. Nick and I did well In the mixed as we beat the number one seeds but then lost in the final to our top english pair. In the women's we lost to the eventual winners which was disappointing but I think we learnt a lot from this match so we will take this forward with us for next time.



You won your first three tournaments in 2010, how do you think your year has been so far?

Yes I have had a good year so far winning two tournaments in America and then the National championships. I had a good 6 weeks training over christmas time and this really paid off I think. So my ranking is now up to 4 in the World and this is the highest I have been at.



Where do you go from here, what other tournaments do you have coming up?

I currently have a slight Achilles injury which im getting treated for, so i'm not quite sure of my schedule yet as i'm meant to be going to The Cayman islands for a tournament but i'm not sure if im going yet. Otherwise its fairly quite now as it will be  rest and then training as we have a big second half of the year with lots of tournaments.



You have the Commonwealth Games coming up, how much are you looking forward to competing in India?

I'm so excited. I went to Melbourne in 2006 and that was an incredible experience. There is nothing else like it and as we have such a great team with everyone getting all so well it makes it even more special.



Are you looking to pick up some medals when you go out there?

Yes personally I'm looking to get some medals in both the individual and the doubles event. As a whole team we are looking very strong and if we all get it right we could potentially come back with lots of medals.



Squash has been trying to get into the Olympic program for years now without any success, do you hold out any hope of it being included at some point?

Its been very disappointing that squash isn't in the Olympics as we deserve to be in it so much. We still have lots of hope that one day we will get the recognition we deserve and everyone involved is working very hard to achieve this goal of becoming an Olympic sport.



How different is it playing in mixed and same sex doubles matches?

Tactically its very different as in mixed the male player will always hit in the the female so its quite hard work really and it can be relentless pressure on the female. Whereas Women's or men's doubles is much more open, but you do still pick on the weaker player


Do you enjoy playing doubles matches as much as singles?

Yes its a good change to playing singles as your in a team and its nice having the support of someone. You play every point for each other and don't want to let them down so its quite exciting and I really enjoy it.



How much of an understanding do you and your partner need to have in doubles? 

You need to have a really good understanding as this could make the difference between winning and losing. A lot of shots are played down the middle so you need to have great communication and shout 'mine' or 'yours' so you know who is going to hit it. You in mixed the guy can cover you sometimes at the front so you just need to know when this is going to happen and how to react to it. Its a key factor in doubles


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