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Australian Wakeboarder Amber Wing

December Feature- Australian Wakeboarder Amber Wing
2. Your best results so far?
4th US Open Dec 2005
2nd at the WWA Worlds 2005
3rd at the US Open 2004
4th Gravity Games
5th Worlds
3 If you had not been a wakeboarder professionally, what other sport would you have taken up?
I would have liked to be in the circus, like Circ du sole.
5. Did you enjoy wakeboarding straight away or did it take you a while to realize that this was the sport for you?
I liked it straight away but at the same time it took me a few months to get really keen and be out on the water at least 4 times a week.
7. Who encouraged you to take up the sport?
My friends introduced me and the rest was self motivation, feeding a craving/ love for a sport, if I didn't wakeboard I would get frustrated. My parents helped me alot, they would take me out in the boat whenever I asked them, we would fit it in around their schedule. Most times it would be 6am because they had to be at work at 830am.

WSR Caught up with Professional Wakeboarder Amber Wing to ask her some questions about her life as one of the Worlds top Wakeboarders.

Name: Amber Wing
Birthday: 01/02/0083
Birthplace: Sydney,
Residence: Groveland , FL
Height: 5'2"

1. When and why did you start to Wakeboard?
I started wakeboarding in 2000.
I was a gymnast for 16 years previous to that, I was the Australian Level 10 All-around vault and floor champion. I started wakeboarding when one of my friends took me out in the boat and told me to try it, , I had so much fun that I have not stopped wakeboarding since then.
4. When did you take part in your first competition?
I rode in 2 amateur competitions at the start of 2001, at the end of 2001 I rode in the Australian X-games, I was placed 5th, I was the highest placed Australian.
6. What other sports do you enjoy taking part in?
Surfing, Skating, jumping on my trampoline and Putt Putt Golf.

10. Are you pleased with your performance over the past few years to the present date ?
Yes I am stoked I never really thought I would get to where I am and now I
am here I just want to keep pushing and building the sport to take it past the next level.
13 Would you like to see more water sports in the Olympic games one day?
That' s is a really hard question to answer, there are alot of obstacles and politics involved in the Olympics. Our sport is quite a young sport and alot of people do not know or understand what Wakeboarding is. Sure it would be great to have it in the Olympics but i can not really see it ever happening.
15. Can you give 2 tips to other girls who would like to start Wakeboarding?
Be patient, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Don't be intimidated by having guys in the boat they all started the same way, and 99% of the time they didn't get up first try. Have fun!
8. Do you have to travel around the world a lot to take part in competitions?
Yes I am hardly ever home. I have been at Lake Powell the past 7 days with the Liquid Force Team. I am in Florida Keys right now about to compete in the US Open. Then come back over to Orlando for some quality riding for 3 months, and in between that i will have other small trips come up in between.
9. How does the Women's profession differ from the Men's game, ie games played, money etc
We compete in the same conditions and courses as the men, the money is less and there are about 4 events which women's are not in.
11. Have you ever had any major injuries ?
I have had 2 ACL knee reconstructions
12. Can you earn good money or do you have to rely on Sponsorship?
Definitely rely on sponsorship and the money earnt from competitions is like a bonus
14. Have you ever tried any other extreme sports?
I have been sky diving. Apart from that I enjoy hitting rails and kickers snow boarding


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