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I was always active in sports, softball, track, volleyball, horseback riding. Sports are in our genes as I came from a baseball household.

How did you get into it? 

My story is somewhat comical looking back at it.  I left a great job in Boston to become an intern for the Hudson Valley Renegades at the age of twenty-six. I couldn't get a job in baseball right out of college and I didn’t want to get a job based on nepotism. I was successful in Boston, but baseball kept calling me.


I left my position there once I convinced the Hudson Valley Renegades to hire me as their intern making $400 a month, all to be a part of the game I grew up loving. I started working for the Renegades and in 2 months I got promoted to a director position. Less then a year later the ownership group created a job for me overseeing six minor league baseball teams. My role has expanded as the years have progressed.


What is your history? 

I received my Bachelors degree in Public relations with a minor in psychology. Immediately after college I worked as a public relations associate for Morrissey & Company, a reputation management firm in Boston, Massachusetts. Before Morrissey & Company, I served as public relations associate for EMT Corporation in Quincy, Mass.- an e-marketing technology company that specializes in building private-label Internet Media Networks for the sports, entertainment and music industries. I worked alongside clients from MLB, NFL, Arista Records, SESAC and EMC. Prior to EMT, I conducted media relations at IBM for their PSG Netfinity Server Group. Last year I received my MBA.


Is there equality between the sexes? 

I try not to highlight the differentials in the game of baseball.  I view my role more as bridging the gap between the sexes. Yes we are all equal, but the reality of my job is that there are instances when I direct my energy in an attempt to bridge that gap. I believe this is generally the case for women as a whole that work in the sports community, not just my job specifically. Such as women in the club house, broadcasting, executives roles in baseball. MLB is doing a good job in moving that forward.  I like to believe that my colleagues view me as, another person in sports trying to learn and contribute in different ways. Making the industry and the game better for my staff and the fans should be the primary goal. Success comes in how you deal with those around you, whether male or female.


What sort of influence do you have towards other females who are interested in sport? 

In my position, I am always trying to empower females and encourage them not to shy away from competing with males for jobs, just because they are female. I try to inspire females to reach their goals on a higher level and realize what they have to offer that someone else doesn’t, regardless of gender.  I believe you have to look at the position as “I have this job because I am fearless” and that is the biggest decipher, that element of fear. A large percentage of my meetings I am the only female in the room however I never walk in thinking I am different because of gender, I am different because of my personality and the ideas I can bring to the table.


Do you see a responsibility in bringing more women to the game and living a healthy and active lifestyle?

I am always encouraging two things, higher education and inspiring individuals to find a good mentor.   It is important to hold on to mentors throughout your career. I have many mentors that I greatly appreciate both male and female that have really guided me on this path. For example, when I first came out of college the first thing I wanted to do was work in sports. One of my first (in-game) mentors I had was Kim Ng who is currently the Assistant General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers.


I remember I was in Boston and called her and said “I really want a job in baseball and I will do anything”. I have a lot of respect for her because as I was standing in the center of Quincy Market she told me that “Ty it is in your best interest to get real life business and technology experience before you work in this game.” I still think about that comment all the time because sometimes you have to steer off course with your ambitions in order to get the result you want later on.  It took me down a different road which is the reason I believe I was able to accelerate in my current position so fast.


It is important for me to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Both aspects directly affect each other, my job is literally twenty-four seven. I will get a phone call at 10 PM on a Saturday night from one of my teams or an e-mail at 6 AM on a Tuesday and I need to approach it with an open mind. I am diligent about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I am persistent about getting my own time and staying active such as horseback riding which is an activity I currently make time for. rently make time for.


Tyler is the Vice President of Marketing and Operations for the Goldklang Group




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