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Changes to Watch Out for In the Pegasus World Cup 2020

The second running of the Pegasus World Cup Turf and the fourth running of the Pegasus Cup will have some brand new changes slated to be established on January 25, 2020. These races will have a medication-free aspect, which means that there will be reductions on the money but will also return 2% of the purse winnings, which will be given to aftercare for thoroughbreds.

Also, changes in the prize pool will be made. Back in 2017, the purse was 12 million dollars for the inaugural running, which overtook the Dubai Cup, making it the richest horse racing event in the world. The purse then added up 16 million dollars back in 2018, and then decreased to 9 million last year.

The 2020 World Cup will go with a lesser purse, which amounts to 3 million dollars, a massive decrease compared to its inaugural running.


Dr. Benson is slated to be the overseeing veterinarian in the upcoming event with a team of other doctors to help him monitor the horses during the race day. This service extends from the contenders and undercards to the ones in barns, including those in training. Gulfstream’s house rules coincide with the rules of Stronach Group lands that include Sta. Anita Park. These rules also reflect IFHA standards.

Furthermore, the complete transparency of the horses’ medical records for 14 days leading to the Pegasus 2020 will be a mandatory requirement for all the participants. Adding to that, testing and improved medication protocols will be established, which includes a stand-down of intra articular and injections that are non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory.

The chief veterinary of Stronach Group says that making the Pegasus Championship and the Turf Invitational meds free is an excellent start to invalidate the usage of race day meds and will eventually change the culture of the sport. He further says that the top priority should always be the health of the athletes, both equine and human.


Along with giving horse racing fans an engaging and unique experience in the sport, the event is ready to provide world-class healthcare and safety for all of the athletes involved. Since its launch last 2017, the event has captured fans, celebrities, and runners like Gun Runner (2018 Pegasus Cup), Arrogate (2017 Pegasus Cup), City of Lights (2019 Pegasus Cup), and lastly, Bricks and Mortar ( 2019 Pegasus Turf Invitational).

In its fourth run, the Pegasus Cup Series will team up again alongside Groot Hospitality, the owners of the prestigious LIV Nightclub. They will provide a unique party called Pegasus LIV that features top-notch entertainment, delicious food, all kinds of beverages, and the best view in the racing event. Performers will include Snoop Dogg, Post Malone, and Ludacris.

Entry Fees

A combination of 4 million dollars total contribution for the event for horses ages four and above are solely provided by the Stronach Group. With this, all the entry fees for the upcoming event will be waived entirely.


The event itself will run on dirt for 1 1/8 miles, and the turf invitational will only run for 1 3/16 miles. This takes us back as the event started in 2017 with only a dirt race that offers a 12 million dollar purse and a 16 million dollar purse the following year. The Pegasus World Cup Turf Invitational was later added in 2019 with a purse of 9 million dollars for the dirt race and another 7 million dollars for the turf race.

As the years pass by, the entry slots slowly decreased. It started with 1 million dollars both in 2017 and 2018 and dropped down to 500,000 dollars back in 2019. As the entry structure has changed, the event changed to a more traditional way.

The owners now don’t have to pay for a spot in the game, but instead, they will be invited, and invitations will consist of 17 horses. The 12 on the invitation will be considered as ‘invitees,’ and the other five will be ‘reserved invitees.’


Now that new contenders will show up, it will be a tough match between the newcomers and contenders for the previous editions. Still, the winners from the first two year’s dirt race, Arrogate and Gun Runner is still one of the betting favorites amongst the bettors. Even then, the Pegasus World Cup 2020 odds might be in for a change since last year’s champion, City of Light, will be showing up as well.


This year’s invitational is in for a change, from medication to house rules. We will have to see if this is going to be the best for the series. Either way, this will be interesting as a lot of strong contenders will be up for the match.


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