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Daize Shayne, Living Her Dream

Not surprisingly, Daize grew up in Hawaii where, as a kid, she taught herself to surf. Although it took time to be taken seriously in a male dominated sport, Daize opened eyes with each competition she entered.
Daize has also been working hard on her music and acting. She will play the lead role in a feature film titled
"This Side Of Heaven" due out late fall '06 as well as another supporting role in a feature film called "Dark Journey."

Television Commercials:
· Vans Shoes, August 2003
· The GAP, March 2001
· Jack In The Box, March 2002
· Festpa, February 2001
· Mastercard, February 1999
· Dr. Pepper, September 1998
· Bugle Boy, March 1998
· Union Bay, June 1997

World-renowned champion surfer, successful model/actress, flourishing recording artist and one of the hottest new rising stars to hit the entertainment arena.
She’s a two time World Longboard Champion, and has captured first place at the Converse/Longboard Nose Riding Championship and the Quicksilver Winter Classic as well as Action Girl of the Year finalist, to name just a few of her wave riding accomplishments.

Surfing Accomplishments:

· 2004 World Longboard Championships, First Place
· 2003 Converse/Longboard Nose Riding Championships, First Place
· 2003 Action Girl Of The Year, Finalist
· 2000 World Longboard Championship, Second Place
· 1999 World Longboard Championships, First Place
· 1999 Quicksilver Winter Classics, First Place

Daize's page continued

Although Shayne has been singing and playing guitar as long as she has been surfing, it is only after reaching the pinnacle of success as a surfer, that she began to focus on her burgeoning music career. She’s already headlined a 9-city Hard Rock Cafe tour, during which her special limited Edition CD, Live Your Dreams, was made available.
“Catwalk on the Wild Side,” Closing Ceremony
UN World Conference, San Francisco, June 2005
She’s also landed several coveted equipment endorsements with companies such as Peavey and DiMarzio PickUps, Audix Mics, and Harman Music. But these aren’t any old endorsements. At DiMarzio, Daize is the only female guitarist ever to be offered a deal, joining the company’s impressive roster of guitar virtuosos including Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Al Dimeola and Steve Vai. Peavey, on the other hand, has created the Daize Shayne "Live Your Dreams" guitar starter kit for tweens and teens which includes a guitar, amp, tuner, strap and an instructional video by Daize, due out in the Spring of 2006. Robert Kinsler, music critic for the Orange County Register, sums up Daize’s sound this way. “Like the potent Pacific waves she rides, Shayne's music is rooted in forces that recall a time when rock was defined by the music.”


· Music Video For "Movin' On,” September 2005
· Headliner for Hard Rock Café Tour, 9 Cities, May 2005
· Completed 22 songs for a 14-song CD, Spring 2005
· Lite Pop Lolli Pop DVD (Thousands sold through K-Mart), February 2005
· Headliner for NAMM Convention filling in for Eddie Van Halen, January 2005
· Headliner, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Madison Square Gardens.
· Performer, Children of the Night Concert at the CBS Lot, benefiting recovering prostitutes, April 2004
· Performer, 5-4-3-2-1, Fox Sports, October 2003
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