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Australian Wakeboarder Amber Wing
WSR Caught up with Professional Wakeboarder Amber Wing to ask her some questions about her life as one of the Worlds top Wakeboarders.
Britain's Top Snowboarder Lesley McKenna
Britain's Top Snowboarder Lesley McKenna speaks to Women's Sport Report I first thought of becoming a pro snowboarder in 1997 after only one year riding!
24. April 2007.13176

England Pro Footballer Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is one of the premier women's soccer players in the world with England's National Team.
23. April 2007.8689

Meet Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE, Long Distance Swimmer

Dr Julie Bradshaw holds many world long distance swimming records plus recently she achieved the 1st ever 3Way swim of Loch Ness.
23. April 2007.7372

England Rugby Captain Jo Yapp

The Year 2003 has gone down in History as being the most memorable year for England Rugby with Martin Johnston leading England to Rugby World Cup glory, but this season rugby hopes to be celebrating again for victory in the Women’s World Cup in Edmonton, Canada.
23. April 2007.3016

World record holder ends famed water skiing career

Kristi Overton-Johnson who has held the Women’s world slalom record of 1 buoy at 41 feet since 1996, and remains the only woman to have ever run the 39-1/2 off pass in a sanctioned event, has officially announced her retirement from professional water skiing.
23. April 2007.6245

Meet Claire Wright 9x World Cup Synchro Champion

Meet Nine times World Cup Synchro Champion, 5 times consecutive British Champion and World Cup Trampoline Champion 2005 Claire Wright
22. April 2007.2607

England Cricket Captain Clare Connor

The month of August saw the start of the Ashes Test Series against Australia. England Captain Clare Connor and team mate Isa Guha, answered some questions for WSR
22. April 2007.3892

French Kiteboarder Coralie Imbert

European and French Junior Champion 2003, Vice French Champion, 3rd at the World Cup KPWT Nouméa 2004, and 1st in Kite Cross "mondial du vent" 200
22. April 2007.2814

Meet German Windsurfer Anne Stevens

I get seasick but I like the ocean and always when I saw Windsurfers I knew I wanted to do that. Finally after I finished my studies in 1991 I managed to start with this wonderful sport.
22. February 2007.2909

Meet British Racing Driver Sarah Franklin

One of the earliest memories I have is as a 4 year old going on a musical roundabout and jumping into the car - and trying to drive it like a maniac!
18. April 2007.3182

Meet N0 1 Tour Racing Champion for Formula windsurfing, Alison Shreeve

Introducing Professional Windsurfer Allison Shreeve
18. April 2007.2976

Milja talks to WSR about her career and life playing squash

Milja Dorenbos talks to WSR about her career and life playing squash
30. November -0001.4600

We met with Jo Pavey at her home in Devon, UK

In May 2005 our main feature looks at the career of Britain's Middle Distance Runner Jo Pavey. We were fortunate enough to catch up with Jo and Gavin at their home in Devon after the World Championship.

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