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Sarah Donohue and Jo Dixon
Some sports are still very unheard of such as Powerboat Racing
WSR Features Futurestour Taylor Leon
Rookie Taylor Leon is now two for five. That’s two wins in five starts on the Duramed FUTURES Tour, which is good enough to move into the No. 12 spot on the Tour’s season money list with three tournaments remaining.
13. July 2007.3982

Aussie Pro Cyclist Oenone Wood

Aussie Pro Cyclist Oenone Wood, speaks to Women's Sport Report
12. June 2007.5631

Sarah Ayton talks to WSR about her career and skippering her own boat!

Sarah Ayton talks to WSR about her career and skippering her own boat!
17. May 2007.3605

Chloe Rogers Hockey Player

Chloe Rogers is a twenty-one year old England and English Hockey Premier League player from the UK. She won a Bronze Medal as part of the England Hockey Team in Australia back in March 2006 at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. Chloe scored the final England Penalty Flick in the Bronze Medal play-off final.
14. May 2007.2452


As sporting contests go, it doesn’t get much better than this. The top three nations in the world, competing ahead of a major championships, in front of a packed crowd in some of the country’s biggest venues.
09. May 2007.3558

Ann Daniels Polar Explorer

Ann Daniels Polar Explorer - One of the 1st Women in the world to ski solo to the North Pole
28. April 2007.6347

Australian Netballer Sharelle McMahon

I think the difference in this series was the confidence the team had and the fact that we had more than 5 days together to prepare!
27. April 2007.5065

Kim White Pro billiards player

Kim was born and raised in Houston’s far north side. She enjoyed an active childhood, with an involved mother who enrolled her in dance classes that included ballet, jazz, and tap.
27. April 2007.6562

Amy Williams Bob Skeleton Slider

I live in Bath and train at Bath University Sports Training Village. I started the sport in 2002, and in 2005 I finished 2nd in the Junior World Championships, the World Student Games, and the Europa Cup tour.
25. April 2007.8078

Tennis Hero Martina Navratilova

When Martina's Father used to say to her "just imagine winning on centre court at wimbledon " did she ever truly believe that she would one day lift it for a record breaking 9 times.
27. April 2007.3812

Spanish Kiteboarding sensation Gisela Pulido

Before beginning to practice kitesurfing, I swam alot and I participated in the childlike events. I had always liked to compete but in Spain there were no available competitions.
27. April 2007.11801

Singapore Netball Hero Jean NG

I enjoyed playing a variety of sports when I was in school. I was quite seriously involved in Track and Field for 10 years and enjoyed playing other games like handball and basketball recreationally.
26. April 2007.3266

Dannielle Hodsdon-Steeple Chase Jockey from South Carolina

Danielle Hodsdon is currently the leading jockey and only professional female competing against 25 - 30 male jockeys in the National Steeplechase Association racing circuit, competing for the title of Jockey of the Year. photo Todd Marks
26. April 2007.5010

Introducing Britain's Top Gymnast Beth Tweddle

For the last six years one British gymnast has dominated competitions both at home and abroad. 20-year-old Beth Tweddle won her first National title back in 2001 and has won every year since then, a feat she last repeated in July 2006.
25. April 2007.4112

Young South Korean Golfer SooYun Kang

Soo-Yun started playing golf at the age of 12. Her biggest splash as an amateur came at the 1996 World Championship, which she won.
25. April 2007.2211

South Korean Golfing Sensation Hee Won Hahn

The top ranked Korean player outside of the 'Big Three', she's been remarkably consistent since joining the LPGA. She also has the Rookie of the Year award,and two big wins.
25. April 2007.5688

England's Javelin Star Goldie Sayers

I used to watch all the big athletics meetings on TV from a young age. I clearly remember the Olympics in 1992 in Barcelona but it was the one sport I thought that I would never be able to compete in at international level
24. April 2007.3096

Meet World No 1 No Kiteboarder Kristen Boese

Kristin has dominated the whole tour in 2005, winning 6 out of the 8 events. Never without a smile, and always helping other people on the beach, Kristin loves to be on the water having fun and you can see she has a real passion for it.
24. April 2007.3012

England's Top Paraglider

England's Top Paraglider Nicky Moss talks to WSR about building a life as a top Sports Women in a mans sport
24. April 2007.4719

Greek Archery Star ELENI IOANNOU

She was born in the municipality of Amarousion – Athens/Greece on the 12th of September 1990. She started practicing archery, following the steps of her father, during 2001. The first steps were under his guidance and with an olympic bow.
24. April 2007.10107

Daize Shayne, Living Her Dream

World-renowned champion surfer, successful model/actress, flourishing recording artist and one of the hottest new rising stars to hit the entertainment arena.
24. April 2007.2547

Australian Wakeboarder Amber Wing

WSR Caught up with Professional Wakeboarder Amber Wing to ask her some questions about her life as one of the Worlds top Wakeboarders.
24. April 2007.3670

Britain's Top Snowboarder Lesley McKenna

Britain's Top Snowboarder Lesley McKenna speaks to Women's Sport Report I first thought of becoming a pro snowboarder in 1997 after only one year riding!
24. April 2007.13087

England Pro Footballer Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith is one of the premier women's soccer players in the world with England's National Team.
23. April 2007.8571

Meet Dr. Julie Bradshaw MBE, Long Distance Swimmer

Dr Julie Bradshaw holds many world long distance swimming records plus recently she achieved the 1st ever 3Way swim of Loch Ness.
23. April 2007.7297

England Rugby Captain Jo Yapp

The Year 2003 has gone down in History as being the most memorable year for England Rugby with Martin Johnston leading England to Rugby World Cup glory, but this season rugby hopes to be celebrating again for victory in the Women’s World Cup in Edmonton, Canada.
23. April 2007.2959

World record holder ends famed water skiing career

Kristi Overton-Johnson who has held the Women’s world slalom record of 1 buoy at 41 feet since 1996, and remains the only woman to have ever run the 39-1/2 off pass in a sanctioned event, has officially announced her retirement from professional water skiing.
23. April 2007.6172

Meet Claire Wright 9x World Cup Synchro Champion

Meet Nine times World Cup Synchro Champion, 5 times consecutive British Champion and World Cup Trampoline Champion 2005 Claire Wright
22. April 2007.2574

England Cricket Captain Clare Connor

The month of August saw the start of the Ashes Test Series against Australia. England Captain Clare Connor and team mate Isa Guha, answered some questions for WSR

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