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Kaylee Swanson moves to the Australian Baseball League
Kaylee Swanson was a Corporate Partnerships Associate for the York Revolution located in York, Pennsylvania when this interview was granted early in the year. She left America back in August to work for the Canberra Calvery located in Australia in the Australian Baseball League.
KB4Girls - raises funds for Girls Inc.
Aiming to empower young girls in Alameda and the area by raising funds for the Girls Inc. organization the KB4girls 2011 World Tour participants
09. May 2011.6171

Amy Williams on the London Twin Peak Challenge

Winter Olympic gold medalist Amy Williams took part in the London Twin Peak Challenge in order to raise money for charity Action Against Hunger. Ahead of this year's event, which is a month away, Amy spoke with WSR's David Brenchley and gave us the lowdown on the event.
22. March 2011.4877

Deborah Herrington, Suites and Catering Manager, Mississippi Braves

Deborah Herrington is the Suites and Catering Manager for the Mississippi Braves located in Pearl, Mississippi. They have been an Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves since 2005 and are in the Southern League.
21. February 2011.5262

Baseball: Molly Radcliffe - Alumni Relations, St. Louis Cardinals, Missouri

Molly Radcliffe works in Ticket Sales and Alumni Relations for the St. Louis Cardinals. She speaks about her experiences of working in a largely male dominated sport.
17. February 2011.4457

British national Women's Squash Final, Manchester, UK

Laura Massaro became the first woman from Lancashire to win the National Women’s Squash Championship defeating World number 2 Jenny Duncalf in 5 sets.
13. February 2011.4327

Women's Basketball in Southern California - still a tough sell

Women's basketball has always been a tough sell in Southern California. Women's professional leagues failed exponentially faster than they were created.
23. January 2011.4028

Gymnastics PAC 10 Showcase, Los Angeles, California

For the first time ever, all seven* PAC-10 gymnastics teams assembled at the beginning of the gymnastics season for competition.
09. January 2011.3182

Chemmy Alcott - Olympic Skier

Chemmy Alcott speaks to us about her hopes, fears, dreams: Chemmy: My last update was full of hope, excitement and anxiety to get the season started....a month later....
20. December 2010.4584

NCAA 2010 Volleyball Semi Finals, Missouri

More than 12,000 spectators at the Sprint Center were witness to two shutouts where the outcome was indicated early and there was no surprise ending.
09. December 2010.4412

PAC-10 Womens Volleyball - an overview

With the NCAA tournament having started on December 3rd, 2010, the PAC-10, Big-Ten and South Eastern conference teams are prominent in the win column and in the rankings.
26. November 2010.3832

Sarah Donohue - Takes first place at the Womens TRI Fitness in the USA

Sarah Donohue, the only competitor from the UK triumphed in the Womens Tri-Fitness in America this weekend, taking 1st Place in the International Fitness Championship and 2nd in the Grace and Physique Class.
16. November 2010.4477


Female Skateboarder Patti McGee is the first woman to be inducted to the IASC Skateboarding Hall of Fame.
11. November 2010.7615

Street Luge for Girls

Womens Street Luge - cross it of the list of unequal gender representation! Over the years it has become the norm for women to feature and compete in extreme sports, from skydiving to motor-cross, their presence is felt strongly in the pond of unequal gender representation.
03. November 2010.2887

Chemmy Alcott - Britains No. 1 Skier gives us an update

UK Skiing Champion Chemmy Alcott gives us an update on her training for the 2010 and 2011 winter season.
31. October 2010.6071

Womens Boxing, WIBA Super Feather Weight Champion Thaddine Swifteagle

Thaddine Swifteagle, a professional Boxer with a record of 6 wins and no losses with 5 Ko's, gets in touch with Womensportreport.com
31. October 2010.6176

Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls Rowing

Their event, little known to Americans, is the Lightweight Womens Double Sculls rowing event-taking place in 2012 at the London Olympics. Ursula Grobler from Pretoria, near Johannesburg, South Africa and Abby Broughton from Tetonia, Idaho have partnered to pursue their dream of bringing Olympic Gold to America.
17. October 2010.2651

Denver Lady Bulldogs win 2010 Australian Rules Football National Championship

Australian Rules Football (aka Footy) is a unique sport that cleverly combines American football, rugby, basketball, soccer, and even volleyball. The Denver Bulldogs have been around for 11 years, with the women’s team joining just 4 years ago.
28. September 2010.2337

Lucy MacGregor wins ISAF Womens Match

It went down to the very final race at the 2010 ISAF Womens Match Racing World Championship with Lucy MacGregor (GBR) taking on double world champion Sally Barkow (USA)
25. September 2010.2924

Water Ladies - The Movie

Water Ladies presents the video of this first women only windsurf event: Another break through in Women's Sport! Watch the video now
19. September 2010.2825

Welcome to Wonderland

Months of planning, days of organizing, many moments of list making and we are here. Where is here? Read the inspiring story of two ambitious young ladies
31. August 2010.2384

How Power Has Transformed Womens Tennis

Women have certainly never hit harder and not just on account of improved equipment. They are stronger, bigger, faster, better trained and pushed above all by the example of the Williams sisters.
25. August 2010.3557

Sarah Storey, Double World Champion Does It Again!

UCI World Paracycling Road Championships – Baie-Comeau, Canada 2010 Day 3 – Afternoon Session – Storey Strikes second gold! C5 Womens Road Race – 57 Km
26. July 2010.2936

Womensportreport.com speaks to Tatiana Howard

This year has been the busiest yet for me. Not only with my own professional water woman career, but also with the events I organize called The Butterfly Effect.
16. July 2010.2264

KB4girls Kiteboarding Clinic in Germany

KB4girls 2010 World Tour with Kristin Boese returns to her inspiration point in Germany for annual girls event
07. July 2010.2171

WCBS TV Long Island Correspondent

WCBS-TVs Long Island correspondent, Jennifer McLogan, has reported both captivating local news stories and sports coverage in her successful career.
05. June 2010.2168

Professional WCT Surfer

I guess when I was young I loved surfing so much I would stay out there all day. As I have gotten older I began treating surfing as a career and finding ways to consistently improve and stay motivated.
14. May 2010.2753

Stefani Rash

Stefani Rash is the Group Sales Executive with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, located in Wilmington, Delaware. They are an Affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.
08. May 2010.2948

Linda Pereira

Linda Pereira is Director of Player Personnel for the San Jose Giants, California. She talks about her experiences and ups and downs in a completly male dominated sporting discipline
19. April 2010.5008

The first female ballplayer in the 21st Century to sign with an all-male pro baseball team

Tiffany Brooks of Spokane, Washington is the first American since Ila Borders to sign a contract with a professional all male baseball team, the Big Bend Cowboys located in Alpine, Texas

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