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Linda Pereira
Linda Pereira is Director of Player Personnel for the San Jose Giants, California. She talks about her experiences and ups and downs in a completly male dominated sporting discipline
The first female ballplayer in the 21st Century to sign with an all-male pro baseball team
Tiffany Brooks of Spokane, Washington is the first American since Ila Borders to sign a contract with a professional all male baseball team, the Big Bend Cowboys located in Alpine, Texas
15. April 2010.2106

Alison Waters - about Ambitions and Successes

We spoke to Alison Waters at the recent ISS Canary Wharf Squash Classic, to find out about her tournament successes, the feelings she had about how her year has been so far, Olympic hopes ... read the story
09. April 2010.3836

Juliana Paoli - Chief Marketing Officer, San Jose Giants

Juliana Paoli speaks about her experiences as the Chief Marketing Officer for the San Jose Giants, a baseball team based in San Jose, California. Read her story to be inspired and break into the male dominated world of Baseball. Norm Coleman reports...
07. March 2010.2059

Snowboarding Feature March 2010

Read WSR interview with Jenny Jones
03. November 2009.2278

November Feature

Becky Downie was born January 24th 1992 and is now an established gymnast. At just 17 years old she has had numerous successes and continues to shine in the world of gymnastics. Interview By Rickee Bhardwaj
01. September 2009.3422

Baseball Feature

I was always active in sports, softball, track, volleyball, horseback riding. Sports are in our genes as I came from a baseball household.
26. August 2009.12415

Interview with Beth Tweddle

Congratulations on your recent success at the University Games recently, do you still get nervous when you compete in these competitions? I do still get nervous when I compete but some nerves are good. They remind me what I am doing and to keep focused.
04. August 2009.4506

Skydive Everest By Tom Noonan

The Skydive Everest team arrived in Katmandu, Nepal for it’s first group meeting on Friday evening, September 19th, 2008.
06. July 2009.13028

July Feature with Caroline Pearce

Born in 1980 Caroline Pearce has gone on to become a successful athlete, spokeswoman, and a model. She has represented Britain both in athletics and bobsleigh championships.
24. June 2009.2822

Heather Leads GB/NI Team in Belgium

Heather Foundling Hawker lead the GB/NI Team in Belgium in the 23rd edition of the World 100km Championships, on the 19th June 2009
21. April 2009.4848

Race Walker Jane Saville Retires

Very often in sport we see the triumphs of athletes at the big events and then they quietly diminish to be replaced with the latest talent.
11. February 2009.1927

Lorena Ochoa

I have been working a lot here. I do not think you can slow down. The competition is so tough. I am doing pretty much the same as I did last year.
09. February 2009.2238

Helen Wyman

In the past year, we as a nation have enjoyed nothing more than seeing our dedicated athletes continuously cross the finishing line in all cycling disciplines. Not only is the sport filled with stunning courage, tense corners and record-breaking times but it has impressive diversity. Interview by Laura Hannan
28. January 2009.4785


My name is Michelle Meakins, my friends call me Shell or Meakie. I am 33 yrs old and from Northampton, live in South Yorkshire with my boyfriend Keith and our dog Betty. I started skydiving in 1995 with the University of Central Lancashire parachute club.
09. January 2009.4437

England Navy Boxing international

I joined the Navy in 2001 and it was during my general training on board HMS Grafton in 2002, where I donned my first pair of boxing gloves. The initial intention was to get fit, but the boxing soon turned competitive and I stepped in the ring for my first bout in June 2005.
05. January 2009.5477
24. October 2008.3481

Sarah Donohue joins Phoenix TV Powerboat Racing Team

We\'ve had the pleasure of speaking to Sarah Donohue, probably THE most known and successful female powerboat racer of all time.
07. October 2008.4133

England's Botwright retires from world squash

The times that I have represented England and the World Championships and Commonwealth Games, stand out as my best moments in the sport. I have won a silver and bronze in the Commonwealth Games and the World Team Championships in 2006, and also 6 European team titles.
19. August 2008.6048

Roller Derby: It’s Bout Time

Roller Derby is fast, it’s furious and it’s female-focussed. The Roller Derby revival is the most exciting thing to happen to women’s sports in the last ten years. So what the hell is it and where can you find out more?
09. July 2008.3638

Powerboat Racer Rose Lores talks to WSR

British Power Boat Racer Rose Lores talks to Women's Sport Report about how she over came her fear to compete in a male dominated sport.
10. June 2008.16995

British Heptathlete Kelly Sotherton talks to Womensportreport.com about life and Beijing 08

What was your child hood dream? I wanted to be an Air traffic controller (I don’t know why) and be married at 24 and have children straight away…..obviously didn’t work out that way!!
08. May 2008.3032

Young Canoeist

Jessica has been downriver racing since 2002. She progressed successfully through the junior ranks and is now one of the top women internationally, this year taking a European bronze medal in her first year as a senior.
10. April 2008.11345

Professional Athlete

Nicola Saunders, Professional Athlete. Being an elite athlete is a huge commitment and the rest of your life has to fit in and revolve around your athletics.
10. March 2008.5433

Reigning U.S. champion looking to repeat

Colorado Springs, Colo. (Jan. 17, 2008) – Reigning U.S. champion Kimmie Meissner sat down with U.S. Figure Skating on Jan. 14 for the following question-and-answer session:
12. February 2008.2836

Meet Spanish Open Water 2007 World Champion Esther Nunez

ENGLISH and SPANISH feature this month, as Esther Nunez Speaks to WSR about being Open Water 2007 WORLD CHAMPION!!!
14. January 2008.2220


This is how I started. On skis when I was 4 years old. I think I was in Les Arcs - do you think Nike would have sponsored me then?!!!
10. December 2007.8841

One of the leading British sportswomen of her generation

The name Rachael Heyhoe Flint is synonymous with female sporting achievement and ever since the record run breaker first padded up for England in 1960 she has been a pioneer and role model for women in sport across the world.
08. November 2007.4543

Run Baby Run

Heather Foundling-Hawker speaks to women sport report about how and why she became a runner! This also featured in \"Life\" magazine
09. October 2007.7503

Fighting for acceptance

Society can be a funny place sometimes. Women have the vote, they have independence and they have the right to do any job that a man can do, and quite often do it better.

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