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French Kiteboarder Coralie Imbert

1. When did you start to Kiteboard?
I started kiteboarding in November 2002

2. When did you compete in your first competition?

It was the European Junior Championships, April 2003, and I won it !!

3. Your best result so far?
European and French Junior Champion 2003, Vice French Champion, 3rd at the World Cup KPWT Nouméa 2004, and 1st in Kite Cross "mondial du vent" 200
4. Do you enjoy any other sports?
Yes ! I love riding on water, before kiteboarding I windsurfed in competitions. I also surfed, free dived ....and sometimes, if I can't go abroad during winter, I enjoy going to the mountains to snowboard.
5. If you had not taken up kiteboarding professionally, what other sport would you have taken up?
I don't know....maybe a sport with more money to earn !
6. Did you enjoy kiteboarding straight away or did it take you a while to realise that this was the sport for you?
I enjoyed it straight away. Jumping so high without waves and the freedom sensations this sport gives you was exactly what I had searched for.
Check out Coralie's Website www.coralie-imbert.com
7. Who encouraged you to take up the sport?
Myself!!! Nobody in my family or friends play sports....but I think sport was "in me", I have played sport since I was born!

8. Do you travel around alot to compete in competitions?
Yes, and I love that, I travel to compete, but the most travelling is for photoshoots and trips for the média. Last winter I went to New Calédonia, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa.
9. How does the game differ from the Men's game, ie games played, money etc
There are many more men than women kiteboarding, their level is higher and they earn more money on events, it's normal because it's harder for them to be at the top.... and that's why I prefer doing photoshoots and promoting kiteboarding for everyone, because competing isn't my way of life...you travel but don't see the country, you wait many hours on the beach for the wind...so I choose a different style in professional kiteboarding !
10. Have you ever had any major injuries ?
Not really, just many minor injuries, but it's the risk of the job.
11.Can you earn good money or do you have to rely on Sponsorship?
I don't earn a lot of money in competition. Sponsors give me enough for riding and travelling and for the rest, that's pictures, advertising, vidéos, that allows me to eat !
12. Have you ever tried any other extreme sports?
Yes, for sure, I like trying many sports and discovering new sensations. Something I'd like to try is jumping from a plane and skysurfing !
13. What are your thoughts for 2005?
This year, my goal is to travel a maximum, and ride really" special places" where nobody has ever been....
14. What do you enjoy doing when you are not Kiteboarding?
I enjoy swimming, I go to say "hello" to the fish underwater, that's a great pleasure for me. Another thing I love is learning and discovering all that I can, so when I'm at home, I surf on the web, and when I'm abroad I try to meet local people, ask them about their culture, their country....it brings me so much, that's why I enjoy travelling !
15. what do you do to unwind and relax?
I listen to music, read a good book, go swimming or running....depends on the days....
16. Can you give 2 tips to other girls who would like to start kiteboarding?
At first, you have to take lessons because you'll learn faster and also kiteboarding can be dangerous if you don't have good advice from a school! And second : Try !!!! it's really a great sport, easy to learn and so amazing !



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